Controller MC100


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1. Controller MC100

MR 400, MR300and MR160 are conceptually new radio modems designed for transmitting data in the VHF and UHF bands. The radio modem uses 4-state FSK modulation providing for a maximum signalling rate of 21.68 kbit/s.

MC100 controller complements the standard range of MR and MG100 radio modems. The MC100 controller consists of the computer part used in the MR radio modems and it preserves all its advantages – modular concept, one-piece highly-resistant mechanical construction (metal casting), increased number and types of input and output interfaces.

The controller is of modular design with one to four standard RS232 ports (an RS422 or RS485 port can be used in place of two of them) available to the user. The configuration can be extended by an Ethernet interface and also by a module with analog and digital inputs/outputs. It is generally manufactured with two analog inputs and outputs and with two digital inputs and outputs.

The design and construction of this device allows for long-term loading and for this reason it is primarily determined for continuously running applications.

Software control is compatible with the operation and configuration of the other radio modems of the MORSE system. A description of software control and configuration is available in publications describing MORSE Firmware.

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