• 160, 300, 400 MHz
  • 22 kbps/25 kHz
  • 5 or 25 W
  • 1× ETH, 4× COM, I/O
  • Automatic back-up routes
  • Mobile networks
  • Network management SW

Reference showcase

MR400 is a well proven radio modem, on the market for over a decade and undisputably well established. Tens of thousands of units serve reliably around the world, from the poles to the equator.

MR400 uses a sophisticated anti-collision protocol on the Radio channel. Its unbeatable network performance is boosted by the unique implementation of proprietary SCADA protocols from all significant vendors on the SCADA market.

Thanks to MR400 extraordinary intelligence, speed and switching time, they are suitable for all types of networks where emphasis is placed on speed and reliability, such as SCADA & Telemetry for utility distributions (water, electricity, oil&gas), SmartGrid power networks, Transaction networks like lottery, ATM or POS, mobile networks including mission-critical fleet management and many other applications.


  • 22 kbps / 25 kHz
  • 11 kbps / 12.5 kHz
  • Polling, Report-by-exception, Mesh
  • Network throughput for 22 kbps/25 kHz:
    • 600 Bytes/sec. in collision environment within one radio coverage area
    • 10 packets/sec. (for packets shorter than 60 Bytes)
    • 15 kbps user data rate for point-to-point link
  • More than 70 protocols – Modbus, IEC101, DNP3, Comli, DF1, Profibus, Modbus TCP, IEC104…
  • Cache mode – speeds up polling protocols
  • SCADA serial protocol addresses are mapped to MR400 addresses
  • TCP (UDP) protocols (e.g. IEC104) are handled transparently
  • Each packet is acknowledged on Radio channel
  • Sophisticated anti-collision protocol on Radio channel allows for report by exception from remotes and simultaneous multi-master polling
  • Dedicated to MORSE system
  • No Linux
  • No Windows
  • Extremely fast booting (3 sec.)

5 slots for modules:

  • Ethernet
  • 2× RS232, 1× RS232, 1× RS232i, 1× RS422/485i
  • I/O – 2×DI, 2×DO, 2×AI, 2×AO,
  • 160, 300, 400 MHz bands, no direct line of sight required
  • Carrier output power 0.1–5 W or 0.1–25 W
  • Exceptional data sensitivity: -105 dBm / 22 kbps / 25 kHz
  • Max. distance more than 50 km
  • High resistance to multi path propagation and interference (CPFSK modulation)
  • Every modem can work simultaneously as a repeater
  • Hybrid networks: – any IP network (Internet,3G/GPRS etc.) can interconnect MR400 units
  • Unlimited number of radio hops
  • Mobile mode in Radio protocol
  • Every stationary unit can serve simultaneously as a Base station for mobiles
  • Cell architecture: automatic instant hand-over, each individual packet from mobile is delivered via the best Base station at the moment
  • Central MR400 maintains a list of “mobile-base” connections, updated with every packet, to enable communication from the centre to mobiles
  • Setr – special management application (Windows/Linux)
  • The most robust and fast remote configuration and diagnostics – only the necessary data is transferred
  • Monitoring of User interfaces and Radio channel, either locally or remotely
  • On line as well as historical statistics for all interfaces and Radio channel
  • Configuration and diagnostics – detail
  • Client – Server architecture, unlimited number of clients
  • Server maintains database of statistic data from all/selected units
  • Intelligent data collection algorithm avoids conflicts with user traffic
  • Unlimited number of clients (Windows/Linux)
  • Graphical display of statistic data over arbitrary period
  • Network topology displayed on a map background
  • Network planning tools – signal coverage calculation using digital elevation model
  • Convenient access to MORSE utility programs
  • Licensed radio bands
  • FEC, interleaving, proprietary data compression
  • CRC32 data integrity control on Radio channel
  • Proprietary protocol on Radio channel with packet acknowledgement
  • Blowfish encryption with SHA1 and 160bit symmetric keys
  • Firewall – address filtering
  • Password-protected access
  • https web interface
  • SSL certificate up to 2048 bits: even your own one
  • Every single unit tested in a climatic chamber as well as in real traffic
  • Military or industrial grade components are used
  • Industrial die-cast aluminium case
  • Operating temperature -30 to +70 °C (-22 to +158 °F)
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • Sleep mode – 2.5 mA, controlled via a digital input
  • Power down – unit boots within 3 sec. after power up
  • DIN rail, flat or 19” rack mounting
  • CE, FCC approvals
  • Vibration – EN 61 373
Radio parameters
Types 1)
Half-duplex Frequency
MR160 135 – 175 MHz
MR300 2) 290 – 350 MHz
MR400 350 – 470 MHz
Tuning range 3.2 MHz
Channel spacing 3) 12.5 / 25 kHz
Frequency stability ±1.0 ppm
Modulation 4CPFSK
Data rate 10.84 kbps / 12.5 kHz
21.68 kbps / 25 kHz
Carrier output power 1) 3) 0.1 W–5 W; 0.1 W–25 W
Sensitivity for BER 10e-6 -110 dBm / 10.84 kbps / 12.5 kHz
-105 dBm / 21.68 kbps / 25 kHz
Primary power 13.8 V (10.8–15.6 V)
Rx 4) 380 mA (Eth +40 mA, I/O +50 mA)
Tx 4) 1.6 A / 1 W; 2.0 A / 5 W; 5.5 A / 25 W
Sleep mode 2.5 mA
5 slots Ethernet, 2× RS232, 1× RS232, 1× RS232i, 1× RS422/485i, I/O – 2×DI, 2×DO, 2×AI, 2×AO
IP Code (Ingress Protection) IP40
Operating temperature -30 to +70 °C (-22 to +158 °F)
Humidity 5 to 95% non-condensing
Storage temperature -40 to +85 °C (-40 to +185 °F)
Casing Rugged die-cast aluminium
Dimensions 208 W × 108 D × 63 H mm (8.19 × 4.25 × 2.48 in)
Weight 1.2 kg (2.65 lbs)
User protocols on COM More than 70 protocols – Modbus, IEC101, DNP3,Comli, DF1, Profibus,
User protocols on Ethernet Modbus TCP, IEC104…
Multi master applications Yes
Report by exception Yes
Collision Avoidance Capability Yes
Repeaters Store-and-forward; Every unit; Unlimited number
Diagnostics and Management
Radio link testing RSS, DQ, Homogenity
Statistic Rx/Tx packets on User interfaces and for User data and Radio protocol (Repeats, etc.) on Radio channel
Network management RANEC software
Radio parameters CE, FCC part 90, RSS119
Use in automotive environments ECE Regulation 010.00
Vibrations EN 61 373

Availability of types and frequencies

Type MR160 MR160 MR400
Output power (W) 5 25 5
Channel spacing (kHz) 12.5 / 25 12.5 / 25 12.5 / 25
Production on request (MHz) 138-163.2 148-163.2 400-450
CE approval (MHz) 135-180 135-180 350-470
FCC approval (MHz) 406-412

1) Please contact us to check availability of specific types and frequencies. Types marked * are not available for EU market and can be manufactured individually when ordered in significant volumes.

2) Obsolete, not under production any more.

3) HW option

4) Values depend on frequency and modem type.

The product(s) are obsolete, not under production any more.

  • MRouters are special industrial computers which are included in the MORSE system in places where it is necessary to communicate between several independent IP networks with physically separated Ethernet interfaces or in cases where it is necessary to boost the hardware of other MORSE equipment (computing power, number and type of interfaces) or their firmware (special protocols and applications).MRouters are used primarily in MORSE network centres.The MC100 controller serves purposes similar to MRouters. It is made from the computer part of radio modems, hence it is fully compatible with MORSE and also provides modularity of interfaces like a radio modem.WALRUS is a virtual router made in software that emulates radio modem or controller behaviour within computers running OS LINUX.

Type Characteristics
MRouter MRouter-A2 Minimum dimensions, with 2 independent Ethernet interfaces
Controller MC100 Computer part of radio modems
Virtual router WALRUS Software emulation of a radio modem (or rather of a controller)

The product(s) are obsolete, not under production any more.

  • With the extremely fast Rx/Tx switching achieved by RACOM radio modems high demands are placed on the durability and quality of the power supply. RACOM therefore develops and manufactures its own brand of high-end power supplies:

Type Characteristics
AC MS2000/12 230 V AC / 13.8 V DC, intelligent back-up
MS2000/24 230 V AC / 24 V DC, intelligent back-up
DC DCC24 20-60 V DC / 13.8 V DC

The product(s) are obsolete, not under production any more.

MORSE is an advanced communication system based on hardware and software components developed and manufactured by RACOM:
Radio modems MR400,
Products below are obsolete, not under production any more:
GPRS/EDGE/UMTS router MG100i,
Controller MC100,
Router MRouter
Virtual router WALRUS.

MORSE communication system has been originally designed for wireless data transfer using radio channel,
however any transmission medium may be used (IP, GSM…). Because of that, MORSE can be used for all kinds of
applications from point-to-point to extensive hybrid networks.

The MORSE system is ideal for applications requiring frequent transmission of short messages with a minimum response time.

MORSE excels over other similar communication systems in its method of
implementation and the range of protocols offered on the user interface of MR400
radio modems and MG100 GPRS modems. There are 77 standard and company protocols
available and the implementation of others is pending upon requests from

A comprehensive set of diagnostics and configuration tools for the MORSE network. These
tools allow users to configure, diagnose and test individual components as well as whole networks,
both locally and remotely. They are available free of charge at, for both Windows and Linux OS.

Name of utility Characteristics
SETR setting parameters, diagnostics and maintenance
MEMCP downloading firmware
NETLOCK locking and unlocking hardware components
NETCONF uploading and downloading configurations

RANEC is a comprehensive, modular package of HW and SW designed not only for managing and diagnosing MORSE networks, but also for their design, development and servicing:

RanecBase is a set of programs which allow users to operate a conventional Network Management Centre on the MORSE network, e.g.:

  • to monitor activities in the MORSE network in real time and via RanecClient to display the immediate status of individual network points (communication status on/off, running on back-up supply, etc.)
  • to send e-mails or SMS messages in case of alarms
  • to periodically save statistical data from individual sites of the network (e.g. signal strength, response time, number of transferred / repeated / lost packets on all channels [serial, Ethernet, radio], internal temperature, voltage, noise, etc.) to the MySQL database
  • to change the configuration of individual MORSE devices on-line

RanecAdvanced is an auxiliary module to RanecBase designed for advanced MORSE network users, particularly RACOM partners. This module integrates tools for:

  • network design and development
  • working with a digital terrain model
  • displaying signal coverage of a territory from fixed points and mobile device
  • automatic detection of the topology of a running network
  • detection of radio network configuration errors (e.g. time synchronisation) and signal propagation problems

RanecClient is graphical client for managing RanecBase and RanecAdvanced, and for displaying the data provided by these modules. In a LAN environment an unlimited number of RanecClients can be started simultaneously to one RanecBase or RanecAdvanced. RanecClient is supplied for OS Windows and Linux.

MServer is a server supplied for MORSE networks. Among others all programs from the RANEC package
run on it. OS Linux and MySQL database form its base. In case when the server runs on MS Windows,
all packages can be installed in a virtual machine like (e.g. VMware).

MRemote is a remote access module for the MORSE network. It can be run within the RANEC package and can be used
for remote access to a MServer as well as other RACOM devices in MORSE networks. MRemote can be
implemented according to specific customer situations and wishes.

RANEC is not available for new deliveries.

Datasheet MR400 - A3 MR400_data_A3.pdf1 800 kB2012/09/11
Datasheet MR400 - A4 MR400_data_A4.pdf978 kB2012/09/11
Product codes
Narrowband radio modems - MRxxx, MDxxx mr400_znac_a.pdf22 kB2014/07/23
Wideband radio modems - MXxxx, MWxxx mw160_znac_a.pdf22 kB2014/07/23
HW manuals
Narrowband radio modems, Full-duplex - MD400, MD300, MD160 md400-m-en.pdf1 006 kB2018/04/17
Narrowband radio modems, Half-duplex - MR400, MR300, MR160, MR070 mr400-m-en.pdf1 212 kB2019/09/24
Wideband radio modems, Full-duplex - MX160 mx160-m-en.pdf1 085 kB2018/04/17
Wideband radio modems, Half-duplex - MW160 mw160-m-en.pdf988 kB2018/02/06
E8 MR070, MR160, MR300, MR400, MD160, MD300, MD400, MX160 homologace_E8.pdf340 kB2008/10/29
MR Family EU DoC mrfamily-d-en.pdf142 kB2017/06/12
MC100 - Controler
MC100 - CE Approval mc100-d-en.pdf140 kB2007/02/01
MC100 - Leaflet mc100-l-en.pdf304 kB2010/01/28
MC100 - Product code mc100_znac_a.pdf19 kB2014/07/23
MC100 - User manual mc100-m-en.pdf1 014 kB2018/04/17
Firmware manuals
SETR - MORSE Firmware Documentation firmw400-m-en.pdf1 251 kB2013/09/20
Software manuals
MEMCP - Downloading firmware download-m-en.pdf398 kB2008/02/15
SETR - Default macro (factory setting) xfac.mac1 kB2007/12/28
SETR - Default macro (separate menu) xde.mac2 kB2007/12/28
SETR - Default macro (separate menu, rapid) xder.mac2 kB2008/08/26
UTILS - generally utils-m-en.pdf472 kB2010/06/04
Network Management
MServer - CE Approval mserver-d-en.pdf69 kB2007/02/02
MServer - User manual MServer-m-en.pdf1 196 kB2011/06/22
RANEC - Leaflet ranec-l-en.pdf427 kB2009/05/29
RANEC - User manual ranec-m-en.pdf914 kB2010/01/07
MORSE Guides
MORSE Guide 1 - Introduction morse-m1-en.pdf848 kB2008/04/25
MORSE Guide 2 - Mobile mode, Diagnostic, ... morse-m2-en.pdf1 018 kB2009/05/29
MORSE Guide 3 - Ethernet in MORSE morse-m3-en.pdf1 193 kB2012/09/25
Firmware archive  
  m2r- 176 kB2009/07/22
  m2r- kB2009/07/22
  m2r- kB2009/07/22
  m2r- kB2009/07/22
  m2r- kB2009/07/22
  m2r- kB2009/07/22
  m2r- kB2009/07/22
  m2r- kB2009/07/22
  m2r- kB2009/07/22
  m2r- kB2009/07/22
  m2r- kB2009/07/22
  m2r- kB2009/07/22
  release-notes- kB2009/07/22
  setrdial-ux- kB2009/07/22
  utils-ux- 415 kB2009/07/22
  utils-win-gui- 160 kB2009/07/22
  utils-win-gui- 168 kB2009/07/22
  walrus-ux- kB2009/07/22  
  m2r- 170 kB2009/05/11
  m2r- kB2009/05/11
  m2r- kB2009/05/11
  m2r- kB2009/05/11
  m2r- kB2009/05/11
  m2r- kB2009/05/11
  m2r- kB2009/05/11
  m2r- kB2009/05/11
  m2r- kB2009/05/11
  m2r- kB2009/05/11
  m2r- kB2009/05/11
  m2r- kB2009/05/11
  release-notes- kB2009/05/11
  setrdial-ux- kB2009/05/11
  utils-ux- 414 kB2009/05/11
  utils-win-gui- 160 kB2009/05/11
  utils-win-gui- 167 kB2009/05/11
  walrus-ux- kB2009/05/11  
  m2r- 419 kB2009/01/06
  m2r- kB2009/01/06
  m2r- kB2009/01/06
  m2r- kB2009/01/06
  m2r- kB2009/01/06
  m2r- kB2009/01/06
  m2r- kB2009/01/06
  m2r- kB2009/01/06
  m2r- kB2009/01/06
  m2r- kB2009/01/06
  m2r- kB2009/01/06
  m2r- kB2009/01/06
  release-notes- kB2009/01/06
  setrdial-ux- kB2009/01/06
  utils-ux- 414 kB2009/01/06
  utils-win-gui- 159 kB2009/01/06
  utils-win-gui- 166 kB2009/01/06
  walrus-ux- kB2009/01/06  
  daemons-ux- 406 kB2008/08/21
  m1r- 737 kB2008/08/21
  m1r- kB2008/08/21
  m1r- kB2008/08/21
  m1r- kB2008/08/21
  m1r- kB2008/08/21
  m1r- kB2008/08/21
  m1r- kB2008/08/21
  m1r- kB2008/08/21
  m1r- kB2008/08/21
  m1r- kB2008/08/21
  m1r- kB2008/08/21
  m1r- kB2008/08/21
  m1r- kB2008/08/21
  m2r- 152 kB2008/08/21
  m2r- kB2008/08/21
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  m2r- kB2008/08/21
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  m2r- kB2008/08/21
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  m2r- kB2008/08/21
  m2r- kB2008/08/21
  m2r- kB2008/08/21
  m2r- kB2008/08/21
  m2r- kB2008/08/21
  release-notes- kB2009/01/13
  setrdial-ux- kB2008/08/21
  utils-ux- 413 kB2008/08/21
  utils-win-gui- 162 kB2008/08/21
  walrus-ux- kB2008/08/21  
  linux-i386- 412 kB2007/04/06
  m2r- 018 kB2007/04/06
  m2r- kB2007/04/06
  m2r- kB2007/04/06
  m2r- kB2007/04/06
  m2r- kB2007/04/06
  m2r- kB2007/04/06
  m2r- kB2007/04/06
  m2r- kB2007/04/06
  m2r- kB2007/04/06
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  mswin-i386- 683 kB2007/04/06
  release-notes- kB2007/04/06
  walrus-ux- kB2007/04/06
  linux-i386-757-morse.tgz1 438 kB2006/06/16
  linux-i386-pc-757-walrus.tgz368 kB2006/06/16
  m1r-757-m-all.zip1 706 kB2006/06/16
  m2r-757-c-all.zip2 710 kB2006/06/16
  m2r-757-cb.zip15 kB2006/06/16
  m2r-757-cd.zip278 kB2006/06/16
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  m2r-757-ch.zip267 kB2006/06/16
  m2r-757-ci.zip264 kB2006/06/16
  m2r-757-cj.zip276 kB2006/06/16
  m2r-757-cl.zip264 kB2006/06/16
  m2r-757-cm.zip270 kB2006/06/16
  m2r-757-cn.zip257 kB2006/06/16
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  mswin-i386-757-utils.zip6 634 kB2006/06/16
  release-notes-757.txt2 kB2006/06/16
  linux-i386-745-morse.tgz738 kB2007/06/29
  linux-i386-pc-745-walrus.tgz326 kB2007/06/29
  m1r-745-m-all.zip1 657 kB2006/01/03
  m2r-745-c-all.zip2 646 kB2006/01/03
  mswin-i386-745-utils.zip6 612 kB2007/06/29
  release-notes-745.txt2 kB2007/06/29
  linux-i386-740-morse.tgz280 kB2005/11/21
  linux-i386-pc-740-walrus.tgz326 kB2005/11/21
  m1r-740-m-all.zip1 649 kB2005/11/21
  m1r-740-mb.zip10 kB2005/11/21
  m1r-740-mc.zip1 kB2005/11/21
  m1r-740-md.zip168 kB2005/11/21
  m1r-740-me.zip164 kB2005/11/21
  m1r-740-mg.zip169 kB2005/11/21
  m1r-740-mh.zip157 kB2005/11/21
  m1r-740-mi.zip152 kB2005/11/21
  m1r-740-mj.zip165 kB2005/11/21
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  m1r-740-mm.zip172 kB2005/11/21
  m1r-740-mn.zip170 kB2005/11/21
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  m2r-740-cb.zip15 kB2005/11/21
  m2r-740-cd.zip271 kB2005/11/21
  m2r-740-ce.zip267 kB2005/11/21
  m2r-740-cg.zip272 kB2005/11/21
  m2r-740-ch.zip259 kB2005/11/21
  m2r-740-ci.zip253 kB2005/11/21
  m2r-740-cj.zip268 kB2005/11/21
  m2r-740-cl.zip257 kB2005/11/21
  m2r-740-cm.zip261 kB2005/11/21
  m2r-740-cn.zip250 kB2005/11/21
  m2r-740-co.zip257 kB2005/11/21
  mswin-i386-740-utils.zip6 606 kB2005/11/21
  release-notes-740.txt2 kB2005/11/21
  linux-i386-721-morse.tgz978 kB2005/07/15
  linux-i386-pc-721-walrus.tgz310 kB2005/07/15
  mr25-721-mb10.zip10 kB2005/07/15
  mr25-721-mc10.zip1 kB2005/07/15
  mr25-721-md10.zip164 kB2005/07/15
  mr25-721-me10.zip162 kB2005/07/15
  mr25-721-mg10.zip164 kB2005/07/15
  mr25-721-mh10.zip154 kB2005/07/15
  mr25-721-mi10.zip150 kB2005/07/15
  mr25-721-mj10.zip163 kB2005/07/15
  mr25-721-mk10.zip143 kB2005/07/15
  mr25-721-ml10.zip152 kB2005/07/15
  mr25-721-mm10.zip169 kB2005/07/15
  mr25-721-mn10.zip164 kB2005/07/15
  mr25-721-mo10.zip163 kB2005/07/15
  mr900-721-cb10.zip15 kB2005/07/15
  mr900-721-cd10.zip218 kB2005/07/15
  mr900-721-ce10.zip216 kB2005/07/15
  mr900-721-cg10.zip218 kB2005/07/15
  mr900-721-ch10.zip207 kB2005/07/15
  mr900-721-ci10.zip203 kB2005/07/15
  mr900-721-cj10.zip217 kB2005/07/15
  mr900-721-cl10.zip205 kB2005/07/15
  mr900-721-cm10.zip209 kB2005/07/15
  mr900-721-cn10.zip218 kB2005/07/15
  mr900-721-co10.zip203 kB2005/07/15
  mswin-i386-721-utils.zip6 606 kB2005/07/15
  release-notes-721.txt2 kB2005/07/15
  linux-i386-715-morse.tgz717 kB2005/06/01
  linux-i386-pc-715-walrus.tgz316 kB2005/06/01
  mr25-715-mb10.zip10 kB2005/06/01
  mr25-715-mc10.zip1 kB2005/06/01
  mr25-715-md10.zip162 kB2005/06/01
  mr25-715-me10.zip161 kB2005/06/01
  mr25-715-mg10.zip163 kB2005/06/01
  mr25-715-mh10.zip153 kB2005/06/01
  mr25-715-mi10.zip143 kB2005/06/01
  mr25-715-mj10.zip162 kB2005/06/01
  mr25-715-mk10.zip141 kB2005/06/01
  mr25-715-ml10.zip151 kB2005/06/01
  mr25-715-mm10.zip167 kB2005/06/01
  mr25-715-mn10.zip163 kB2005/06/01
  mr25-715-mo10.zip162 kB2005/06/01
  mr900-715-cb10.zip15 kB2005/06/01
  mr900-715-cd10.zip215 kB2005/06/01
  mr900-715-ce10.zip214 kB2005/06/01
  mr900-715-cg10.zip215 kB2005/06/01
  mr900-715-ch10.zip204 kB2005/06/01
  mr900-715-ci10.zip193 kB2005/06/01
  mr900-715-cj10.zip214 kB2005/06/01
  mr900-715-cl10.zip202 kB2005/06/01
  mr900-715-cm10.zip206 kB2005/06/01
  mr900-715-cn10.zip215 kB2005/06/01
  mr900-715-co10.zip200 kB2005/06/01
  mswin-i386-715-utils.zip6 605 kB2005/06/01
  release-notes-715.txt1 kB2005/06/01
RANEC firmware archive
Firmware actual
Firmware current  
  m1r- 226 kB2013/08/16
  m1r- kB2013/08/16
  m1r- kB2013/08/16
  m1r- kB2013/08/16
  m1r- kB2013/08/16
  m1r- kB2013/08/16
  m1r- kB2013/08/16
  m1r- kB2013/08/16
  m1r- kB2013/08/16
  m1r- kB2013/08/16
  m1r- kB2013/08/16
  m1r- kB2013/08/16
  m1r- kB2013/08/16
  m1r- kB2013/08/16
  m1r- kB2013/08/16
  m1r- kB2013/08/16
  m2r- 793 kB2015/11/30
  m2r- kB2015/11/30
  m2r- kB2015/11/30
  m2r- kB2015/11/30
  m2r- kB2015/11/30
  m2r- kB2015/11/30
  m2r- kB2015/11/30
  m2r- kB2015/11/30
  m2r- kB2015/11/30
  m2r- kB2015/11/30
  m2r- kB2015/11/30
  m2r- kB2015/11/30
  m2r- kB2015/11/30
  m2r- kB2015/11/30
  mr25-602-ma10.zip21 kB2003/04/13
  mr25-602-mw10.zip19 kB2003/04/13
  release-notes- kB2009/01/13
  release-notes- kB2015/11/30
  release-notes- kB2011/02/08
  release-notes-757.txt2 kB2006/06/16
Ranec current  
  linux-i386- 974 kB2011/07/01
Utils current  
  daemons-ux- 375 kB2008/12/04
  linux-i386-757-morse.tgz1 438 kB2006/06/16
  linux-i386-pc-749-walrus.tgz367 kB2006/04/03
  mswin-i386-757-utils.zip6 634 kB2006/06/16
  rrcryptctl-ux- kB2019/02/21
  rrcryptctl-win-gui- 136 kB2019/02/21
  utils-ux- 415 kB2015/11/30
  utils-ux- 415 kB2011/02/08
  utils-win-gui- 169 kB2015/11/30
  utils-win-gui- 161 kB2011/02/08
  utils-win-gui- 169 kB2011/02/08
  walrus-ux- kB2015/11/30
  walrus-ux- kB2011/02/08