Vessels tracking, Norway



  • MR160, 160 MHz
  • Sea going vessels
  • Fishery GPS tracking
  • 9 duplex pairs 25 kHz
  • Automatic frequency switching
  • 50 base stations
  • Capacity for thousands of ships

The MORSE system is also used in maritime communication – an excellent example is the VHF Data network allowing communication between ships on the open sea. Telenor Maritime Radiowho operate the network have equipped their base stations along the whole of the Norwegian coast from Oslo to Kirkenes with RACOM devices.

According to the requirements on the volume of transferred data and available coverage theMRouter on ships switches communication between MR160 and MW160 or via Wifi hotspots.

Narrowband radio modems switch between nine narrowband channels depending on their utilisation.

  • Capacity for hundreds to thousands of ships
  • 50 base stations along the whole of the Norwegian coast (3000 km)
  • 160 MHz
    2 x 9 duplex pairs 25 kHz for narrowband,
    1 duplex pair 200 kHz for wideband
  • The MORSE network allows data transfer for:
    • GPS tracking
    • E-mails
    • Point of sale terminals
    • Weather forecasts (using broadcasts)
    • Limited browsing of web pages

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