WALRUS is a virtual router made in software that emulates radio modem or controller behaviour within computers running OS LINUX.

WALRUS can handle all functions of a radio modem, including servicing all channels on the interfaces (both serial and Ethernet), however, the only thing it is missing is the radio channel.

WALRUS is particularly beneficial for use in the centres of larger networks, and is usually installed on MServer or MRouter. This provides WALRUS with a great deal of computing power and more RAM memory, and also decreases loading of the radio modem processor.

Typical areas of use

  • As a remote access module for MORSE networks – MRemote
  • Central interface between a customer’s application and the MORSE network, locatable anywhere in a LAN
  • Multiple interface for Network management (RANEC) and Utilities (SETR etc.) mainly with the use of the MAS protocol
  • SW centre for extensive mobile networks


  • Easy installation
  • OS Linux
    • Zero operating system acquisition costs
    • Stability
    • Detailed documentation readily available
    • Access to source code with the possibility of modification
    • Standard diagnostic and configuration tools for Linux
  • Provided free of charge to all MORSE network users


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