MRouters are special industrial computers which are included in the MORSE system in places where it is necessary to communicate between several independent IP networks with physically separated Ethernet interfaces or in cases where it is necessary to boost the hardware of other MORSE equipment (computing power, number and type of interfaces) or their firmware (special protocols and applications).

It is found primarily in MORSE network centres.

The MC100 controller has a similar purpose to MRouters. It is formed from the computer part of radio modems so it is fully compatible with them and also maintains their modularity.

WALRUS is a virtual router made in software that emulates radio modem or controller behaviour within computers running OS LINUX.

Type Characteristics
MRouter MRouter-A2 Minimum dimensions, with 2 independent Ethernet interfaces
Controller MC100 Computer part of radio modems
Virtual router WALRUS Software emulation of a radio modem, or rather controller

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