Public transport, Czech Republic



  • MR400, 400 MHz, 900 MHz
  • Public transport fleet management
  • Buses, trams, trolley buses
  • Multiple applications simultaneously
  • Every GPS position notified every 30 sec
  • 700 vehicles, 25 based stations

The MORSE system is utilised by DPMB for data transfer to assist in managing the smooth flow of public transport within the city of Brno (the 2nd largest city in Czech republic).

Dashboard computers receive a whole host of information from the centre such as the vehicle’s current position, whether it is running in line with the timetable, or information about traffic restrictions or diversions in route. Traffic lights at crossroads are also integrated into the system affording city transport vehicles the right of way if they are late according to the timetable.

Thanks to on-line radio communication the supervisor can always make decisions based on the latest available information.

  • The MORSE network provides data transfer for:
    • GPS tracking
    • Configuration of voice network in real time
    • Text information supplied to drivers
    • Immediate status according to timetable (ahead/in line/behind)
    • Right of way for public transport vehicles at crossroads
    • Announcements to passengers in vehicles
    • Ticket machines
    • SCADA system for electrical power panels
    • Article – EUROTRANSPORT 6/2007

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