Mobile Network


The MORSE system uses a highly sophisticated anti-collision protocol on the radio channel allowing extensive networks with mobile or combined operation to be built.

Mobile operation in the MORSE network utilises specific access to cell networks:

  • a radio modem in mobile mode listens to operation on the radio channel and updates the list of the strongest base stations upon receiving each packet. Individual packets are always sent via the strongest base stations.
  • a radio modem configured as a mobile centre maintains a database of base stations through which individual mobile modems last communicated. If it is necessary to send a packet to a modem it is sent direct through this base station. MORSE routing is used as standard between the centre and base stations.

Mobilní síť

There can be several mobile centres in a MORSE network and a mobile modem may also simultaneously communicate with several centres.

Also available is the function of automatic retuning of mobile modems to several frequencies depending on their loading. This rare property is used primarily in extensive networks with a large number of relatively slowly moving mobile stations (e.g. for operation on the open sea) .

Any transmission medium (e.g. Ethernet, radio channel, serial links) can be exploited for connecting base stations to the centre.

We recommend the use of spontaneous calling from mobile stations to the centre in mobile networks as this is much more advantageous than calling each station in succession from the centre.

Mobile networks – detailed description

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