Particular emphasis was given to ensuring the possibility of remote supervision and network administration when designing MORSE network.

In order for remote supervision to be at its best information about the status of individual devices is required. To meet this requirement a wide range of statistical data is stored in each radio modem.

The following data is recorded:

  • the number and size of transmitted/received packets, the number of repeated/lost packets on individual radio lines
  • operation on user interfaces (serial ports, Ethernet)
  • status of the radio channel, including interference monitoring
  • the audibility of other stations

More detailed or longer term data can be obtained, processed and displayed in RANEC software for network management.

Monitoring is very useful for network administration, the localisation of problems and the implementation of new protocols. Using this tool it is possible to monitor the movement of each individual packet in the network (from being passed into the network through to its delivery) at the level of individual bytes. As with all other tools monitoring can also be used remotely.