Time synchronisation


Time synchronisation is implemented in the MORSE network in several directions:

  1. Internal synchronisation of the MORSE network

    Real time clock in radio modems, or in communication devices in the MORSE network, can be mutually synchronised using an internal MORSE protocol. Any radio modem can request the precise time of any other radio modem in the network in a selected period or any radio modem can transfer its time to a given MORSE address. An internal protocol compensates the time necessary for the transfer of a packet over the radio channel.

    Achievable accuracy is better than 25ms.

  2. Synchronisation from an external source

    Any radio modem (communication device) in the MORSE network can be synchronised from an external source and then serve as „time standard“ for other devices in the network.

    1. GPS

      time in a radio modem can be synchronised from a GPS receiver. GPS can be used in the form of an internal or external module.

    2. DCF

      a radio modem can be synchronised from an external DCF receiver

    3. protocol on the interface

      a radio modem can be synchronised by means of the protocol on the interface (e.g. IEC, MARS-A) from, for example, a connected PLC

    4. NTP and SNTP server

      a SNTP client is implemented in radio modems, which means a radio modem can be synchronised from the NTP or SNTP server (preferably located in the same LAN for maximum accuracy).

  3. Transferring time to the attached device

    A radio mode is able to transfer its exact time to an attached device in several ways:

    1. SNTP server

      the radio modem emulates the SNTP server and transfers the exact time to the given IP address on receiving a standard query

    2. protocol on the interface

      the radio modem on receiving a query is able to transfer its exact time in the given format of the respective protocol (e.g. IEC, MARS-A)

    3. pulses

      from an integrated GPS module the radio modem is capable of transmitting second pulses with an accuracy of better than 1ms

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