SPP, Slovakia



  • MR400, 400 MHz
  • Gas distribution
  • Nation wide – 50 000 km²
  • 5 Masters in 5 locations
  • IEC101 and IEC104
  • Polling & Report-by-exception
  • Up to 5 repeaters in chain

Here a RACOM network used for controlling the natural gas distribution network across the whole of Slovakia makes full use of the unique technical features of the MORSE system and RACOM products.

The network contains a total of five communication centres connected via an IP backbone network. Owing to the mountainous terrain in Slovakia the most distant points are connected via five repeaters. Despite this, the average response time of the network is less than 3 seconds.

The network is supervised using network management software RANEC. There are more than 5 RANEC clients running in the centre in Bratislava.

RACOM Slovakia provides 24/7 maintenance service to the customer, using remote management via Internet.

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