Table of Technical Parameters


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4. Table of Technical Parameters

Tab. 4.1: Table of technical parameters MC100

Optional modules
slot 5ADIO (analog and digital inputs and outputs)
slot 4Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
slot 32×RS232
slot 2RS232 or galv.sep. RS232 or RS422/RS485
slot 1
MTBF(Mean Time Between Failure)> 100 000 hours
Supply nominal voltage13.8 V
Supply voltage range10.8–15.6 V
Idle consumption (Rx)180 mA + modules: (Eth. 30 mA, ADIO 50 mA, SCC 5 mA)
Consumption in SLEEP mode2.5 mA
Operating range of temperature-30 to +70 °C (-22 to +158 °F)
Humidity5 to 95% non-condensing
Storage range of temperature-40 to +85 °C (-40 to +185 °F)
Mechanical dimensions208×108×63 mm (71 mm DIN rail including)
184×108×63 mm (short version)
Spacing of fastening holes198×65 mm, ø 4.8 mm
Weight1.1 kg

Tab. 4.2: Standards complied

EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)ETSI EN 301 489-5 V 1.3.1;
ETSI EN 300 113-1 V 1.5.1
Electrical safetyCSN EN 60 950:2001
Wheeled vehicle usageUN Regulation No.10 (EHK No.10)
Human exposure electromagnetic fieldsCSN EN 50 385, CSN EN 50 383

Tab. 4.3: Railway Safety Appliance Standards Regulations

Electronic appliances in railway vehiclesCSN EN 50155 ed. 2nd: 2002. art. CSN EN 50121 art. 7: tab. 3 and 4
EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)CSN EN 50121-3-2 art. 8
Vibrations and beatsCSN EN 61373

Upon installation in railway vehicles, where there is a high level of interference, special attention should be given to the communication interface. In such cases it is necessary to use shielded cables and correctly grounded twisted pairs.


The standard CSN EN 50155 (Electronic equipment in railway vehicles) does not apply to analog inputs and outputs and to the interface in the 1st slot. Therefore they are not recommended for use, and in an environment specified according to this standard no warranty applies to their use.

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