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Revision History

Revision History
Revision 2.12005-03-11 

Document converted to the XML format

Revision 2.22005-04-08 

Overall review of document

Revision 2.32006-05-18 

GPS module description supplemented

Revision 3.12006-10-12 

Manuals for modems MR series and controller MC100 merged in common source XML file

Revision 4.02007-05-22 

25 kHz bandwidth modems renamed to Narrowband
High-performance (25 W) radiomodems supplemented
Standards complied including Railway Safety Appliance Standards Regulations supplemented, Limitations of Use supplemented

Revision 4.12008-01-15 

Manual renamed to Narrowband modems – PROFI MR400, MR300, MR160

Revision 4.22008-09-12 

M-Bus module description supplemented

Revision 4.32008-11-07 

The new version of the image „Mounting dimensions“– type of construction P (25 W), a separate version of this image for the controller MC100

Revision 4.42008-11-12 

T-port module description supplemented

Revision 4.52008-05-27 

The introduction of more general term “Morse router” in the documentation (together with the term “Radiomodem”)
Revision history attached

Revision 4.62009-12-22 

Radiomodem MR070 supplemented

Revision 4.720012-03-19 

Removed the T-port, patch temperature specifications table

Revision 4.820014-01-21 

Removed the M-Bus, MR070

Revision 4.920014-03-27 

Added section Section 7.5, “Country of Origin”

Revision History
Revision 4.102014-07-17 

Removed GPS module, completed MORSE code

Revision 4.112015-03-30 

Added section Section 7.3, “RoHS and WEEE compliance”

Revision 4.122017-06-12 

EU declaration of conformity

Revision 4.132018-04-16 

Power supply MSU120 is no longer offered – EOL.
Version P (25 W) remains for radio modems in the 160 MHz band only.

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