OPI200 and OPI400 Installation Instructions


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4. OPI200 and OPI400 Installation Instructions

  • The device is designed for industrial use for assembly into premises with limited access (electrical switchboards).

  • Wiring up must be carried out by an individual with knowledge of the regulation No. 50/78 Coll. The source is designed for assembly into switchboards by attaching to a mounting plate on to a DIN rail. The mounting plate and DIN rail must be properly grounded in accordance with valid standards. The source must be located in such a way so as not to prevent air circulation necessary for cooling purposes.

  • Conductors must be wired into labelled terminals in accordance with valid standards. Terminals are only designed for connecting copper conductors of max. diameter 2.5 mm2 and do not serve for switching devices under voltage. If there is a larger distance from the optoizolator to the power source, where installation leads longer than 3 m would be required, we recommend wiring in conductors with a greater diameter from the shortest possible distance from the optoisolator in order to limit power losses in the circuit when it is at maximum charging current.

  • Colour coding of low voltage conductors must comply with the requirements of respective standards.

4.1. Assembly of the optoisolator

The optoisolator is a special electronic device requiring professional installation.

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