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Appendix F. Https certificate

When switching from older versions of the firmware the access certificate for https was changed. The web browser configuration has to take place in order to remove link between microwave link management IP address and previous https certificate.

Mozilla Firefox how-to:

  1. https certificate
    Remove management IP address from the list: Tools - Options - Advanced - Encryption - View Certificates – Servers
    Another possibility: remove certificate Racom “RAy” or Racom “RACOM’s product” from the list: Tools - Options - Advanced - Encryption - View Certificates – Authorities

  2. Upon the new RAy unit connection following message appear: “This Connection is Untrusted”.

  3. If you are sure that there is no security risk, choose: “I Understand the Risks”.

  4. The next step is “Add Exception…

  5. Finally, you have to “Confirm Security Exception”. If the Apply button is not active, it is necessary to perform step No. 1/ and restart web browser.

Internet Explorer may give following message “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate”. Choose “Continue to this website (not recommended)”. The address line gives you status information “Certificate Error”. This inconvenience is caused by impossibility to create security certificate valid for list of user selected IP addresses.

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