Quick Start Guide

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Quick Start Guide

  • The default addresses of the RAy unit are and

  • On your PC set up a similar address with the same mask, e.g.

    • To configure your PC’s address in Windows XP do the following: Start – Settings – Network Connections:
      Change properties of this connection – Internet Network Protocol (TCP/IP) – Properties – Use the following IP address – input and use the mask Click OK twice.

  • Connect both RAy units to a PoE source and connect to a PC via PoE for configuration, see Fig. Link Configuration.

  • Input the address of the connected RAy unit into the address field of your internet browser (such as Mozilla Firefox), e.g. Login as admin with password admin.

  • Status menu provides information on connection. Choose your language by clicking cesky/english in the corner of the screen.

  • Bridge menu enables you to change the parameters of the radio and ethernet channel, Device menu lets you change login parameters.

  • Continue as suggested by the Step-by-step Guide.

Link Configuration

Fig. 1: Link Configuration