IP address in the PC (Windows XP)


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Appendix A. IP address in the PC (Windows XP)

Setting up the IP address in the PC

For configuration of the link a suitable IP address has to be set up in the PC, for example

  • Open the Start menu, Settings, Network Connections, Local Area Connection

  • In the window Local Area Connection select Properties

  • Another window opens. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties:

  • Another window opens. On the General tab select Use the following IP address:

  • Enter IP Address IP

  • Set Subnet mask to

  • Click OK to acknowledge these settings and close all windows

Checking the IP address in the PC

In Windows XP proceed in the following manner:

  • Interconnect the configured unit and PC with an Ethernet cable

  • Open the Start menu and click Run…

  • Enter command cmd

  • Enter command ipconfig and read the PC IP address and mask:

Checking the PC – unit connection using Ping

In Windows XP send a ping as follows:

  • Check the connection between the PC and the unit via the Ethernet cable.

  • In the Start menu click Run…

  • Enter command cmd

  • Write ping and press OK

  • A message appears in a window:

    If no communication takes place a message appears with the text “Request timed out”.

If communication between the web browser and the unit does not take place check the browser settings. The “Work offline” item in the File menu must not be crossed out.

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