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This operating manual serves as the primary document for familiarising users with the parameters of the radio modem, its properties, modifications, and with the parameters of connecting parts. In order to master all the functions of the radio modem and the MORSE system you should refer to other documents.

Transparent radio modems of the ECONOMY range are primarily designed for smaller networks and applications in which security of transmission and access to the radio channel are resolved within the application itself.

Within the MORSE system they are generally installed in separate networks. A combination of PROFI (backbone network) and ECONOMY (last mile) radio modems is usually used in large-scale systems.

Communication protocols on RF channel of PROFI and ECONOMY radio modems are not compatible; they have to be interconnected via SCC or ETH interfaces and different frequencies have to be used.

Radio modem RE400

Fig. 1: Radio modem RE400

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