• 400 MHz
  • 6.25, 12.5, 25 kHz
  • 11 kbps / 25 kHz
  • 2W
  • 1x ETH, 1x RS232
  • PoE or 10 – 30 V DC
  • Transparent bridge
  • Plug and play

RE400 is the “easiest” radio modem in RACOM product range. It gets very close to true Plug-and-play device, as close as ever possible in private radio networks. The minimum settings necessary are all accessible from one simple web browser screen.

RE400 works as a standard IP network bridge, i.e. it is fully transparent. Every unit can serve as the central master or as a remote terminal and it can also simultaneously operate as a repeater.

The modern digital solution of the radio part (Software Defined Radio) of the RE400 radio modem allows for a wide frequency range a SW configurable channel spacing.

* No longer mass produced; available on request.


Standard IP network bridge functionality is implemented in the RE400 radio modem, i.e. the ETH interfaces of all the radiomodems in a network are interconnected according to bridge principles. When a COM interface is used, every frame received over a COM is simply broadcast to the COM interfaces of all units in the network.

  • Web interface
  • All configuration parameters within one page
  • Basic IP knowledge is sufficient
  • CLI via SSH
  • Licensed radio bands
  • FEC, interleaving, proprietary data compression
  • CRC32 data integrity control on Radio channel
  • Password-protected access, https web interface
  • 400 MHz band
  • Line of sight is not required
  • Carrier output power adjustable 0,5 or 2W
  • Exceptional data sensitivity
  • High resistance to multipath propagation and interference
  • Any unit can work simultaneously as a repeater
  • Every single unit tested in a climatic chamber as well as in real traffic
  • Military or industrial components
  • Industrial rugged die-cast aluminum case
  • Local and remote diagnostics
  • DIN rail mounting
  • L-bracket, flat-bracket, direct mounting
  • CE approval


Radio parameters
Frequency bands 373.25 – 484 MHz
Models: 373-402; 400-420; 417-447; 435-466; 462-484 MHz
Channel spacing 6.25 / 12.5 / 25 kHz td>
Frequency stability +/- 1.0 ppm
Modulation 2CPFSK
RF Data rate 10.4 kbps / 25 kHz
5.2 kbps / 12.5 kHz
2.6 kbps /6.25
FEC (Forward Error Correction) No
Carrier Output power 0.5 or 2 W
Duty cycle 50%
Rx to Tx Time < 1.5 ms
Sensitivity -107 dBm / 10.4 kbps / 25kHz
-109 dBm / 5.2 kbps / 12.5kHz
-110 dBm / 2.6 kbps / 6.25kHz
Primary power 10.8 – 30 VDC or PoE (38-57 VDC)
Rx 430 mA; 145 mA/48 V
Tx 0.5 W: 700 mA /13.8V; 230 mA/48 V
2W: 950 mA/13.8V; 310 mA/48 V
Sleep mode No
Ethernet 10/100 Base-T Auto MDI/MDIX RJ45
300-115200 bps
Antenna 50 Ohms SMA female
LED panel Power, Tx, Rx, ETH, 232, Status
Operating temperature -25 to +55 °C
Humidity 5 to 95% non-condensing
Storage temperature -35 to +85 °C
Casing Hard aluminium
Dimensions 31 H x 96 W x 137 D mm
Weight 0.3 kg
Mounting DIN rail, flat-bracket
Operating modes Bridge
Data integrity control CRC 32
Encryption No
Diagnostic and Management
Radio link testing Ping + RSS
Radio ETSI EN 300 113-1 V1.6.2 (2009-11)
EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) ETSI EN 301 489-1 V 1.6.1
Electrical Safety EN 60950-1 ed.2 :2006


  • Polling type networks
  • Water
  • Oil & Gas
  • Electricity
  • Smart grid
  • POS & ATM
  • Lottery
  • Weather
  • References

Note: Since RE400 is fully transparent, it should not be used in applications which would generate collision-type traffic, e.g. in report-by-exception SCADA systems. The RE400 is suitable for master slave (polling type) applications where a single communication centre controls the communication flow.

Configuration & diagnostics

Management of RE400 radio modems is very simple and straightforward. It is done using any www browser connected via the Ethernet interface. Even remote radio modem units can be configured, however the response speed is limited by the data rate of the radio network – 10.4 kbps.

The Received Signal Strength and Data Quality information is available for individual radio connections. The pingtool can be used to diagnose a particular radio hop as well.

The complete configuration of a radio modem can be saved in a file and edited
offline in the same web interface. The stored configuration file can be
uploaded to any radio modem, making maintenance tasks very quick and simple.


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