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Quick Start – RE400


1. The first start of radio modem

  • Don’t connect radio modem in your LAN before settings! Default IP address of radio modem may be already used in your network.

  • Do not switch on more than one radio with default settings at any one time! Only switch on the next one after setting and storing IP parameters in the first one.

  • Interconnect ETH connector of radio modem with your PC using standard cable.

  • Switch on power (PoE or AUX). PWR and ETH LED have to light. After 20 sec. STATUS starts to blink in green.

  • Set IP and mask of your PC to, mask

  • Start www browser on address

  • Set radio modem configuration and Save it.

  • Select a unique IP address of each radio modem within the network.

  • When IP address is changed, conection with radio modem is lost. Next communication is possible after change of IP address in www browser, possibly in your PC.

  • Connect application to radio modem via ETH or SCC.

  • Communication is indicated by LEDs (see manual).

  • Before configuring the next radio delete table Art (Start, Run, arp -d) in the PC.

2. Connectors

2.1. Antenna

Antenna connector SMA

Fig. 1: Antenna connector SMA

There is a SMA-jack antenna connector on panel of radio modem. On your antenna cable use only respective type of connector of respective impedance: SMA-plug, 50 Ω. It is recommended to use antenna coaxial cables like this: RG58 up to 10 m, RG213 up to 25 m, H1000 for longer.

  • Radio modem may be destroyed when antenna or dummy load antenna is not connected!

2.2. Serial interface

RS232, DSUB9 female

Fig. 2: RS232, DSUB9 female

Tab. 1: RS232 – DSUB9F pins

pinsignal pinsignal

2.3. Ethernet interface


Fig. 3: RJ-45F

  • Ethernet connector RJ-45 for 10BaseT and 100BaseT meets fully standard of Power over Etrhernet IEEE802.3af.

  • Radio modem recognizes standard or cross cable and adapts itself automatically.

2.4. Power suply – possibilities

  • AUX – via RS232 DSUB9 connector, using pins 5 and 9 (see Tab.1). Voltage 10,5–30 V, nominal 13,8 V.

  • PoE – via Ethernet connector RJ-45 using PoE standard IEEE802.3af. Voltage 38–57 V. Common version of supplying:
         plus to pins 4+5
         minus to pins 7+8
         the polarity can be inverted also
    Other options with PoE adapter see the standard IEEE802.3af.

  • ! Only ONE from above power possibilities can be used !

2.5. Indication LEDs Appearance of radio modem

Appearance of radio modem

Fig. 4: Appearance of radio modem

LED meanings

  • Yellow – AUX (power via RS232)

  • Green – PoE (power via Ethernet)

  • Red – transmitting

  • Green – RF sync

  • Yellow – there is a signal stronger then -80 dBm on radio channel

  • Yellow – connected with 100 Mb/s speed

  • Yellow blinking – data transfer with speed of 100 Mb/s

  • Green – connected with 10 Mb/s speed

  • Green blinking – data transfer with speed of 10 Mb/s

  • Green – data receiving

  • Yellow – data transmitting

  • status of operating system

  • Green blinking with period 2 sec ON, 1 sec OFF – main mod

  • Yellow blinking with period 1 sec ON, 1 sec OFF – Service mode

  • Yellow blinking with period 0,2 sec ON, 0,2 sec OFF – Bootloader mode

3. Table of Technical Parameters

Tab. 2: Technical parameters

Frequency rangeRE400: 373.25–484 MHz
Channel bandwith25 kHz or 12.5 kHz or 6.25 kHz *
Frequency step5 kHz or 6.25 kHz
Method of setting working frequencysoftware
Rx/Tx switching time< 1.5 ms
Data security on RF channel32 bit CRC
Receiver sensitivity for BER 10-3better than -107 dBm
Output power software adjustableLow0.5 W
High2 W
Data rate in RF channel2.6 kbps in 6.25 kHz channel *
5.2 kbps in 12.5 kHz channel
10.4 kbps in 25 kHz channel
InterfacesEthernet, RS232
Antenna connectorSMA
MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures)>100 000 hodin
Power methodAUXPoE
Power supply10.8–30 V (nomin. 13.8 V)38–57 V
Power consumption (cca)Idle state (Rx)430 mA/13.8  V145 mA/48 V
Low power Tx700 mA/13.8  V230 mA/48 V
High power Tx950 mA/13.8  V310 mA/48 V
Operating temperature range-25 až +55 °C
Storage temperature range-35 až +85 °C
Case dimensions137 × 96 × 31 mm
Weight0.3 kg

* Channel spacing 6.25 kHz is not approved under EU rules.

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