Selected Babel parameters


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Selected Babel parameters

Common – Router offering

  • Default: “On”

  • It turns on/off propagation of routing rules obtained from its own neighbor. If it is turned off, the station behaves as end terminal (Babel paths start and end here, they are not forwarded through).

Network – Interface

  • You must manually set the interface name for each interface you want Babel to be active on. A list of possible interfaces is explained in manual, or see below.

    • LAN – “if_” + interface name defined in GUI (e.g., “if_bridge”)

    • VLAN – “if_” + interface name defined in GUI + ‘.‘ dot and VLAN number (e.g., “if_bridge.29”)

    • Radio – “radio”

    • Hot Standby – “hstdby”

    • GRE L3 – “gre_tunX” where ‘X’ is the tunnel number, starting from zero

    • Cellular – “aux”

Network – Hello limit

  • Used only for “Wired” interface.

  • A limit of received Hello packets for which the link is considered down (from expected 16).

Network – Advertised next hop

  • It is used if multiple IP addresses are set on one interface. Otherwise, use default

  • Select which IP address should be used as a “next-hop” IP for our neighbor routing tables.

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