RipEX4-Remote Configuration


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6. RipEX4-Remote Configuration

RipEX4-Remote settings

Fig. 6.1: RipEX4-Remote settings

Configure the correct Unit name and Radio/Ethernet IP addresses.

RipEX4-Remote ETH Alias/Subnet configuration

Fig. 6.2: RipEX4-Remote ETH Alias/Subnet configuration

Click on the “Add Subnet” button to add the alias IP. Fill in the and click on the “OK” button.

RipEX4-Remote routing rules

Fig. 6.3: RipEX4-Remote routing rules

There is only one routing rule – is routed to the RipEX2-Remote Radio IP address. There is no GRE tunnel used. Data for server will be encapsulated on RipEX2-Remote unit and routed via GRE tunnel over the Ethernet.

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