Configuration Example


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2. Configuration Example


Fig. 2.1: Topology

RipEX supports up to 8 simultaneous IPsec tunnels, i.e. up to 8 tunnels can be established in a single RipEX unit; This is a hardware restriction. If you need more tunnels established in one unit, choose a different VPN concentrator such as Cisco, Fortigate etc.

In this example, one RipEX unit is configured as a ‘Master / concentrator’ with 8 tunnels to remote units. As there are only 3 RipEX units in a DEMO case, only 3 configurations of selected units will be described – the central RipEX (RipEX-Base) and two remote units (RipEX1-remote and RipEX8-remote). Configuration of other radios follows the same principles.

The configuration example shows IPsec connectivity between the Master station and both remote units, as well as IPsec communication between both remote units via this Master station.

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