Bridge and Router modes


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1. Bridge and Router modes

RipEX operates in two basic modes, Bridge and Router. Network topology determines which one is the more suitable for your specific application (see chapter RipEX in detail of the manual).

Apart from network layouts designed in this manual, we also recommend using Router mode if alongside the central RipEX some PLC Slaves are also connected to the PLC Master over RS485 while others connect over the radio network.

This is because in Bridge mode RipEX would broadcasts to radio channel each packet received on RS485. This could cause slower communication in some situations, and even collisions when a repeater is used. In Router mode only the packets destined for remote PLC Slaves are broadcast over the radio channel while packets sent to the PLC Slaves connected directly over RS485 are ignored.

RS485 and Radio network

Fig. 1.1: RS485 and Radio network

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