ACE Telecom, Hungary



  • RAy, 24 GHz
  • WISP in Hungary
  • Long-haul links
  • Full speed even over 10 km
  • Exceptional system gain
  • 68 cm antennas
  • Full outdoor

ACE Telecom, a 100% Hungarian-owned company was founded in 1997 with the aim of offering alternative Internet technologies including high quality Internet services to business partners in previous blind spots. Since then, ACE has expanded its portfolio with additional Internet based solutions and has, as a result, enjoyed continuous growth. This has only been possible because of the strong trust they place in their IT infrastructure.

In their never ending search to continue offering improved reliability and levels of service, ACE Telecom became one of the first ISP’s in Hungary to start building links using RAy24 microwave units. RAy24 was chosen for its exceptional system gain and resistance to disturbances but has since showcased its excellent technical parameters, and exceptional reliability and build quality.

Despite having a link distance of 10.2 Km, one such link has been operating at full capacity of 360Mb since installation. Attila Farmosi, Managing Director of ACE is very satisfied with the data transfer capability of his new infrastructure.

It will not be long before RAy24 microwave units become an integral component of ACE Telecom’s infrastructure!

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