RAy – Microwave link



  • 10, 11, 17, 18, 24 GHz
  • Narrow channels (1.75 MHz)
  • Maximum distances & reliability
  • Interference & obstacles tolerant
  • Each unit tested  -30 to +55°C
  • Low power consumption
  • Full outdoor, easy installation

Reference showcase

RAy is a high-speed point-to-point microwave link developed and wholly manufactured by RACOM, a global leader in the development and production of industrial grade wireless equipment.

This Full Outdoor Software Defined Radio for 10, 11, 17, 18 and 24 GHz band has been designed for building long range links with maximum reliability even in the most challenging conditions. All relevant state-of-the-art concepts have been carefully implemented without compromise.

In accordance with RACOM´s twenty-year tradition in the industrial market, it has become a standard that all RACOM products excel in their technical parameters, professional design, exceptional reliability and quality.

Exceptional system gain and resistance to disturbances (facilitated e.g. by unique input filter design) make RAy the product of choice for both backbone and last-mile microwave links.

Take the opportunity to remotely access and test a live RAy link. Contact us for access details.

Product video

RAy Tools

RAy Tools is an application designed for any mobile device using Android OS and is available on Google Play. You only need to plug a recommended WiFi adapter into a RAy unit and be using firmware version 2.1.28 or higher to use the App.

RAy Tools has got 3 main features:

Link calculation

  • Lite version of full featured Calculator
  • Calculates Fade margin for given distance

Antenna Alignment:

  • Simple intuitive interface
  • Displays 4 key values [RSS & SNR for each end of the link]
  • Selected value enlarged and shown in the centre of the display
  • Selected value indicated acoustically

Link management

  • Direct access to web interface of connected unit

Just leave your laptop and voltmeter at home when you go to adjust your antennas and setup the units!

  • 1 optical and 1 metallic port configurable as 2 user ports, or 1 user and 1 management
  • PoE & DC (20 – 60 V)
  • IPTV optimized modem, MTU 10240 B
  • HW reset button for customers settings restore
  • Model offerings
  • High radio receiver robustness to unwanted interference
  • Exceptional guaranteed sensitivity allows:
    • gain data speed even in most challenging conditions
    • links over extreme distances
    • cost savings by using smaller antennas
  • Combination of low order modulations and narrow channels allows construction of reliable links even in almost NLOS conditions.
  • Availability of operating high order modulations on narrow channels (from 1.75 MHz) permits:
    • high speed links when only narrow channels available
    • multiplying the number of high speed links on busy sites
    • cost savings on licence fees
    • high-availability links design
  • Low power consumption and easy installation
  • FOD, no indoor space needed
  • Low storage and logistics costs
    • whole band covered by just two subbands (RAy 11 GHz)
    • universal L/U unit, (17, 18, 24 GHz)
  • Modulation rate up to 360 Mbps
  • 720 Mbps with 2+0 solution (two units, one antenna + Dual polarization extender)
  • SW selectable modulation: QPSK, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 QAM
  • Hitless ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation) working without data loss
  • ATPC (Automatic Transmit Power Control) increases reliability of the link under hostile conditions
  • FOD (Full Outdoor), aluminium casing, direct mounting to the parabolic antenna
  • Change of signal polarization simply by 90° rotation (4 fixing screws)
  • Installation and setup tasks can be done in minutes
  • Direct unit mounting to the antennas from various producers. Flexible waveguide as a general-purpose option.
  • Configuration via HTTPS, SSH
  • Peer station can be paired and permanently monitored to prevent unauthorized station exchange
  • Theft protection: unique SSH key for each serial number
Type 10 GHz 11 GHz 17 GHz 18 GHz 24 GHz
Frequency range [GHz]
Model offerings
A: 10.300-10.590 10.7-11.7 17.1-17.3 17.7-19.7 24.00-24.25
B: 10.125-10.675
ODU unit L and U unit One universal unit L and U unit One universal unit
Duplex spacing A: 58 – 285 MHz
B: 350 MHz
490, 530 MHz selectable
min 60 MHz
1008, 1010 MHz
C: 1560 MHz
min 60 MHz
Channel spacing 1.75 – 56 MHz 1.75 – 56 MHz 3.5 – 56 MHz 1.75 – 55 MHz 3.5– 56 MHz
Channel frequency detail detail detail detail detail
User data speed 1.4 – 360 Mbps 1.4 – 360 Mbps 4.9 – 360 Mbps 2.5 – 360 Mbps 4.9 – 360 Mbps
detail detail detail detail detail
Latency 81 μs (64 B / 358 Mbps), 234 μs (1518 B / 358 Mbps)
BER 10e-6
-103 dBm (1.4 Mbps)
-66 dBm (340 Mbps)
-102 dBm (1.4 Mbps)
-67 dBm (340 Mbps)
-96 dBm (4.9 Mbps)
-66 dBm (340 Mbps)
-97 dBm (2.5 Mbps)
-64 dBm (340 Mbps)
-96 dBm (4.9 Mbps)
-65 dBm (340 Mbps)
detail detail detail detail detail
Output power -10 to +13 /QPSK
-10 to +8 /256QAM
-15 to +24 /QPSK
-15 to +19 /256QAM
-25 to +5
-10 to +24 /QPSK
-10 to +19 /256QAM
-30 to +10
-30 to -15 /RAy2-24R
ATPC yes yes yes yes yes
Consumption 21 W 21 – 29 W 21 W 21 – 28 W 23 W
Weight 2.8 kg 2.8 kg 2.5 kg 2.7 kg 2.5 kg
Radio parameters EN 302 217-2-2 V2.2.1 EN 300 440-2 V1.4.1 EN 302 217-2-2 V2.2.1 EN 300 440-2 V1.4.1
Modulation fixed QPSK, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 QAM or ACM
User interface RJ45 1 Gb Eth. (10/100/1000) (IEEE 802.3ac 1000BASE-T) , MTU 10240 B, recommended cable S/FTP CAT7
User interface SFP 1000Base‐SX / 1000Base‐LX, MTU 10240 B, user exchangable SFP, power consumption max. 1.25 W
Service interface USB-A
Power supply PoE, 40 – 60 VDC , IEEE 802.3at up to 100m, up to 25 W
DC, 20 – 60 V, floating
Operating temperature range -30 – +55°C (EN 300 019-1-4, class 4.1.)
Mechanical design FOD (Full Outdoor)
IP Code IP66 (Ingress Protection)
Security configuration via https, ssh
Dimensions 244 × 244 × 157 mm
Spectrum EN 302 217-2-2 V2.2.1 (RAy2-10, RAy2-11, RAy2-18)
EN 302 217-1 V1.3.1 (RAy2-10)
EN 300 440-1 V1.6.1 (RAy2-17, RAy2-24)
EN 300 440-2 V1.4.1 (RAy2-17, RAy2-24)
EMC EN 301 489-1 V1.9.2
EN 301 489-4 V2.1.1
EN 301 489-3 V1.6.1 (RAy2-17, RAy2-24)
Safety EN 60950-1 ed.2:2006
FCC CFR 47 part 101 (RAy2-11, RAy2-18 sub-band C)
CFR 47 part 15 (RAy2-24)

Technical parameters are subject to change without prior notification.

RAy1 - Previous generation

Extension of LAN network

  • Corporate clients
  • Fiber line replacement
  • Building to building interconnect
  • Key advantages:
    • Low and constant latency < 0.1 ms
    • Two user ports available
    • Ethernet, layer L2 transparent
    • Excellent resistance to interference

Internet providers (ISP)

  • Backbone and hi-priority last-mile
  • Heavy traffic with multiple TCP streams
  • Key advantages:
    • Free and ISM licensed bands
    • Both optical and metallic port
    • IPTV proven solution
    • Web interface including diagnostics
    • Standard SNMP+ SNMP traps VLAN management

Telemetry and SCADA

  • Maximum emphasis on reliability and response speed of the networks
  • High speed backbone
  • Small data packets have to be processed as fast as possible
  • Key advantages
    • High reliability
    • 24 VDC powering
    • Longe range links, narrow channels
    • Low OPEX costs


LEAX-RAy antennas

Leax Arkivator Telecom designed LEAX-RAy Class 3 antennas specifically for direct mounting of RAy units.


Jirous antennas

RAy units are ready for direct mounting to Jirous Class 2 antennas.



Andrew (Class 2 or 3 or 4) or other antennas are also possible to be used with antenna mounting kit.
Flexible waveguide is a general-purpose option for any antenna usage.

PoE, 1x Ethernet


DC power supply


DC cable


Power supply holder

  • 1x Eth PoE version (power supply not included)
  • DIN rail mountable
  • Part No.: HOL-POE-PHI-1A

Eth surge protection


DC surge protection

  • DC 24 V
  • Protection from the voltage spikes
  • LPZ1-LPZ2, IP20, -40/+85°C , Saltek
  • DatasheetPart No.: OTH-DP-024

CAT7 cable

  • S / FTP 4 +2
  • Designed for outdoor environment
  • UV rays resistant
  • Manufactured by PEWTRONIC Ltd.
  • Manufacturer designation: S / FTP 4x (2x23AWG) Cat.7 + 2x (2×24 AWG)
  • Datasheet, Part No.: CAB-S/FTP 4x

CAT5e cable

  • S / FTP (24 AWG)
  • Designed for outdoor environment
  • UV rays resistant
  • Manufactured by TELDOR Ltd.
  • Datasheet, Part No.: CAB-CAT5E-FTP-TLD

Fibre cables

Outdoor Fibre & DC cable

  • Phoenix Microwave Hybrid Cable LSOH
  • Various length and configurations available:
    • DC: 2×1.5mm2
    • pigtail, 2-fibres, single mode, LC-connector — loose end
    • patchcord, 2-fibres, single mode, LC-connector — LC-connector
  • Datasheet, Part No.: CAB-HYB-2F-DLC/DLC-OFA-030m

Fibre cable – outdoor patchord / outdoor pigtail

  • Various length and configurations available:
    • 2 fibres, single mode, LC connector – LC connector
    • 2 fibres, single mode, LC connector – loose end
  • Datasheet, Part No.: CAB-FIB-2F-DLC/x-OFA-5m

CAT5e, 6 connector

  • STP RJ45 /Cat6 / 8p8c / wire/ gold plated/ AWG24, UBNT
  • Delivered as a standard accessory with each RAy unit

CAT6A outdoor connector set

  • Connector RJ45, Cat6A, AWG 24-22, Telegärtner (Datasheet), Part No.: SET-RAY2-TLG-EXT35
  • Cable bushing lengthening (35mm)
  • Suitable for AWG24-22 (Cat5e, Cat6A, Cat7) cables

CAT6A indoor connector

  • Connector RJ45, Cat6A, AWG 24-22, Telegärtner (Datasheet), Part No.: CON-RJ45-TLG-CAT6
  • Suitable for AWG24-22 (Cat5e, Cat6A, Cat7) cables

SFP module optical


SFP module RJ45


Cable bushing – basic set, packed with every RAy unit

  • 3 pc bushing with nut
  • 2 pc blind plug Racom
  • 3 pc O-ring
  • 2 pc rubber sealing small diameter
  • 3 pc rubber sealing medium diameter
  • 2 pc rubber sealing big diameter
  • 1 pc DC connector
  • 1 pc tightening tape
  • 1 pc connector jumper
  • 1 pc RJ-45 ethernet connector
  • Part No.: SET-RAY2-CON-B

Cable bushing lengthening

  • PG21, 35 mm
  • Aluminium body
  • For customers using other their own connectors
  • Part No.: SET-RAY2-EXT35

Cable bushing lengthening, long


RAy grounding kit

  • For grounding the RAy equipment to the mast
  • Also suitable for RAy1
  • Includes:
    • grounding clamp ZSA16 (Datasheet)
    • 40 cm grounding straps width 15 mm
    • 100 cm cable with ring terminals

CAT7 grounding kit

  • For grounding the S / FTP 4 +2 cable
  • Also suitable for RAy1
  • Manufactured by PEWTRONIC Ltd.
  • Manufacturer designation: Grounding Kit for S / FTP 4 +2 Cable
  • Datasheet, Part No.: KIT-GROUNDING-1/4″
  • USB WiFi adapter for service access to the management interface, Antenna Alignment Tool and RAy Tools smartphone application. The unit provides a built-in DHCP server. To access the unit use by default the IP for management and the for Antenna Alignment Tool
  • To avoid FW compatibility issues it is better to order this Wifi adapter through RACOM
  • Part No.: OTH-W2-WIFI
  • Ethernet adapter for service access to the web interface via USB connector. RAy2 provides a built-in DHCP server with up to 6 leases. To access the RAy2 use by default the IP
  • Part No.: OTH-XA-ETH/USB
  • Part No.: OTH-X5-ETH/USB (obsolete, not available with new orders)

 Link type
Microwave link type.
 Frequency [GHz]
Frequency used for calculation.
 Channel spacing [MHz]
Options supported by the link.
Modulations supported by the link based on chosen channel spacing.
Coding strength (high for higher sensitivity, low for higher speed).
 Sensitivity [dBm]
The guaranteed sensitivity for a BER of 10-6 for the chosen channel spacing and modulation.
 Tx power [dBm]
Range for RAy 10 is from -10 to +10 dBm.
Ranges for RAy2 10:
  from -10 to +8 dBm with 256QAM
  from -10 to +9 dBm with 128QAM
  from -10 to +10 dBm with 64QAM
  from -10 to +11 dBm with 32QAM
  from -10 to +11 dBm with 16QAM
  from -10 to +13 dBm with QPSK
Ranges for RAy 11:
  from -5 to +17 dBm with 256QAM
  from -5 to +18 dBm with 128QAM
  from -5 to +18 dBm with 64QAM
  from -5 to +19 dBm with 32QAM
  from -5 to +20 dBm with 16QAM
  from -5 to +23 dBm with QPSK
Ranges for RAy2 11:
  from -15 to +19 dBm with 256QAM
  from -15 to +20 dBm with 128QAM
  from -15 to +21 dBm with 64QAM
  from -15 to +22 dBm with 32QAM
  from -15 to +22 dBm with 16QAM
  from -15 to +24 dBm with QPSK
Range for RAy 17 is from -25 to +5 dBm.
Ranges for RAy2 18:
  from -10 to +19 dBm with 256QAM
  from -10 to +20 dBm with 128QAM
  from -10 to +21 dBm with 64QAM
  from -10 to +22 dBm with 32QAM
  from -10 to +23 dBm with 16QAM
  from -10 to +24 dBm with QPSK
Range for RAy 24 is from -30 to +10 dBm.
 Antenna type
Only antennas supplied by RACOM are listed. 3rd party antennas not supplied through RACOM can be assigned, based on matching gain or by using the “other” setting and manually assigning the gain.
 Antenna gain [dBi]
Antenna gain at the centre of the frequency band.
 Antenna height [m]
Antenna height above ground.
 Site name
For improved orientation.
 Calculation type
Link availability can be calculated with known GPS coordinates. Without these only RSS and fade margin is calculable.
 Site latitude [°]
Geographic latitude (from -90° to +90°). You can use map to select points.
 Site longitude [°]
Geographic longitude (from -180° to +180°). You can use map to select points.
 Distance [km]
The distance between the end points of the link. The end points must be in line of sight with a sufficient margin for the Fresnel zone.
The calculation for RAy 10 is possible for the distances from 0.05 to 75 km.
The calculation for RAy 11 is possible for the distances from 0.05 to 120 km.
The calculation for RAy 17 is possible for the distances from 0.02 to 50 km.
The calculation for RAy 18 is possible for the distances from 0.02 to 50 km.
The calculation for RAy 24 is possible for the distances from 0.02 to 30 km.
Find on mapFind
Recalculate with New Parameters
Link Calculation Theory here

Link Parameters

Selected link type.
 Frequency [GHz]
Frequency used for calculation.
Selected modulation.
 Throughput [Mbps]
Calculated average transmission speed on ETH – layer1. Based on the relationship between transmission rate and packet size, short packets offer higher speeds and large packets slightly lower speeds.
 Tx power [dBm]
Given Tx power
 Free space lost [dB]
FSL is the loss in signal strength between two line of sight points through free space, with no nearby obstacles creating reflection or diffraction.
 1st Fresnel zone radius [m]
The Fresnel zone defines a space free of obstacles so no attenuation or distortion of the radio signal can occur. This calculation defines a radius of the first Fresnel zone, which has the essential influence for signal propagation.
 Path length [km]
Given or calculated distance between sites.
 Longitude [°]
Measured as the angle east or west from the Prime Meridian, ranging from +180° eastward to −180° westward.
 Latitude [°]
The latitude of the places measured as the angle north or south from the Equator.
 Azimuth [°]
Calculated path azimuth
 Altitude [m]
Calculated height ASL for given points.
 Antenna height [m]
Given antenna height.
Selected antenna type and its gain.
 Antenna Part Number
Part number for selected antenna.
 EIRP [dBm]
EIRP (equivalent isotropically radiated power) stands for the power radiated from the antenna. The radiated power is limited when operating in ISM bands.
The allowed EIRP in the 17.1 – 17.3GHz ISM band (RAy 17) is +20 dBm.
The allowed EIRP in the 24 - 24.25GHz ISM band (RAy 24) is +20 dBm.
 RSS [dBm]
RSS (Received Signal Strength). Theoretical maximum received signal strength (transmission through a vacuum)
 RSS voltage output [V]
This is important for the antenna alignment. RSS is converted to a voltage that is measurable at the unit's RSS voltage output connector.
 Sensitivity [dBm]
The guaranteed sensitivity for a BER of 10-6 for the chosen channel spacing and modulation (and coding in case of RAy 10).
 Fade margin [dB]
The difference between the sensitivity and the RSS value
Link availability (rainfall) [%]
Link availability (multipath) [%]
 Total link availability [%]
Link availability (rainfall):
Prediction methods based on recorded annual precipitation (ITU-R P.530-15, ITU-R P.837-6, ITU-R P.838-3)
Link availability (multipath):
Prediction methods based on annual atmospheric records (ITU-R P.530-15, ITU-R P.453-10)
Total link availability:
Link availability (rainfall) + 2x link availability (multipath)
Racom s.r.o. provides these calculations to assist in your purchasing decisions; illustrating the capabilities of RAy microwave links. Calculations in the model are based on the dataset supplied by Google. Link availability indicators have been calculated using current ITU-R P.530-15 for rain attenuation and multipath fading only. Other losses are ignored.
It is necessary to know the GPS coordinates of the end points and the antenna heights above the ground for availability calculation.
JavaScript must be enabled.

Datasheet RAy - A3 ray-dsA3-en.pdf1 268 kB2018/05/31
User manual RAy ray-man-en.pdf14 060 kB2018/09/06
Channel arrangements ray-tab-en.pdf4 501 kB2017/12/14
RAy - application notes  
Overview ray-app-en.pdf208 kB2018/07/12
Dual-RAy & OMT ray-app-omt-en.pdf1 139 kB2018/08/09
Link Availability ray-app-linkav-en.pdf790 kB2017/12/29
NMS - Zabbix ray-app-nms-en.pdf1 485 kB2017/12/29
RAy Link calculation ray-app-linkcalc-en.pdf1 188 kB2018/07/12
SNMP ray-app-snmp-en.pdf955 kB2017/12/29
Switch Block Diagram ray-app-swidia-en.pdf798 kB2017/12/29
Switch Settings Examples ray-app-swiset-en.pdf1 113 kB2017/12/29
RAy - case studies  
Traffic monitoring, Camea, Czech Republic case-study-ray.pdf1 725 kB2018/08/07
RAy - press releases  
RAy - Press release Leax ray-pr-leax-en.pdf263 kB2017/05/12
RAy - Press release O2 tender ray-pr-o2-en.pdf141 kB2014/09/17
RAy - info sheet  
RAy - Info sheet - Resisting Interference ray-info-sheet.pdf1 853 kB2016/11/02
RAy - firmware
Firmware ray-fw- 723 kB2017/08/16
Firmware Release notes ray-fw-rn-en.pdf56 kB2018/05/22
MIB table ray-mib.mib32 kB2017/08/16
Zabbix templates ray-zabbix.zip23 kB2017/12/08
RAy Tools
RAy Tools Release notes ray-tools-rn-en.pdf43 kB2018/05/22
Antennas LEAX-RAy  
Antenna 0.3m 10/11GHz 30.1dBi with holder Class2 Leax ANT-LEAX-RAy-300-10-11.pdf186 kB2017/11/06
Antenna 0.3m 17/18GHz 34.7dBi with holder Class3 Leax ANT-LEAX-RAy-300-17-18.pdf186 kB2017/11/06
Antenna 0.3m 24GHz 36.9dBi with holder Class3 Leax ANT-LEAX-RAy-300-24.pdf186 kB2017/11/06
Antenna 0.6m 10/11GHz 35.2dBi with holder Class3 Leax ANT-LEAX-RAy-600-10-11.pdf241 kB2017/11/06
Antenna 0.6m 17/18GHz 39.7dBi with holder Class3 Leax ANT-LEAX-RAy-600-17-18.pdf241 kB2017/11/06
Antenna 0.6m 24GHz 42.0dBi with holder Class3 Leax ANT-LEAX-RAy-600-24.pdf241 kB2017/11/06
Antenna 0.9m 10/11GHz 38.5dBi with holder Class3 Leax ANT-LEAX-RAy-900-10-11.pdf203 kB2017/11/06
Antenna 0.9m 17/18GHz 43.5dBi with holder Class3 Leax ANT-LEAX-RAy-900-17-18.pdf203 kB2017/11/06
Antenna 0.9m 24GHz 45.4dBi with holder Class3 Leax ANT-LEAX-RAy-900-24.pdf203 kB2017/11/06
Antenna 1.2m 10/11GHz 41.0dBi with holder Class3 Leax ANT-LEAX-RAy-1200-10-11.pdf292 kB2017/11/06
Antenna 1.2m 17/18GHz 45.2dBi with holder Class3 Leax ANT-LEAX-RAy-1200-17-18.pdf292 kB2017/11/06
Antenna 1.2m 24GHz 47.9dBi with holder Class3 Leax ANT-LEAX-RAy-1200-24.pdf292 kB2017/11/06
Antenna 0.3m - installation instruction ANT-LEAX-300-inst.pdf759 kB2017/09/05
Antenna 0.6m - installation instruction ANT-LEAX-600-inst.pdf932 kB2017/09/05
Antenna 0.9m - installation instruction ANT-LEAX-900-inst.pdf972 kB2017/09/05
Antenna 1.2m - installation instruction ANT-LEAX-1200-inst.pdf1 324 kB2017/09/05
Side strut 0.9/1.2m - installation instruction SET-LEAX-900-strut-inst.pdf825 kB2017/04/06
Side strut extra 1.2m - installation instruction SET-LEAX-1200-strut-inst.pdf905 kB2017/04/06
LEAX-RAy interface single - installation instruction ANT-LEAX-RAy-single-inst.pdf318 kB2017/09/26
LEAX-RAy interface dual - installation instruction ANT-LEAX-RAy-dual-inst.pdf520 kB2017/09/26
Antennas Jirous  
Antenna 0.38m 10/11GHz 29.0dBi with holder Class2 Jirous ANT-JRMA-380-10-11R.pdf432 kB2013/06/13
Antenna 0.4m 17/18GHz 34.8dBi with holder Class2 Jirous ANT-JRMB-400-17R.pdf447 kB2016/06/24
Antenna 0.4m 24GHz 36.8dBi with holder Class2 Jirous ANT-JRMB-400-24R.pdf416 kB2014/01/03
Antenna 0.65m 10/11GHz 35.5dBi with holder Class2 Jirous ANT-JRMA-650-10-11R.pdf430 kB2016/07/21
Antenna 0.68m 17/18GHz 38.6dBi with holder Class2 Jirous ANT-JRMB-680-17R.pdf438 kB2016/06/24
Antenna 0.68m 24GHz 41.7dBi with holder Class2 Jirous ANT-JRMB-680-24R.pdf390 kB2013/11/07
Antenna 0.9m 10/11GHz 37.3dBi with holder Class2 Jirous ANT-JRMB-900-10-11R.pdf421 kB2016/07/21
Antenna 0.9m 17/18GHz 41.5dBi with holder Class2 Jirous ANT-JRMB-900-17R.pdf443 kB2016/06/24
Antenna 0.9m 24GHz 44.0dBi with holder Class2 Jirous ANT-JRMB-900-24R.pdf443 kB2014/09/24
Antenna 1.2m 10/11GHz 40dBi with holder Class2 Jirous ANT-JRMB-1200-10-11R.pdf626 kB2015/05/19
Antenna 1.2m 17/18GHz 44.6dBi with holder Class2 Jirous ANT-JRMB-1200-17R.pdf613 kB2016/06/24
Antenna 1.2m 24GHz 46.6 dBi with holder Class2 Jirous ANT-JRMB-1200-24R.pdf658 kB2015/05/19
Antennas Jirous - installation instructions ANT-JRM-inst.pdf1 935 kB2017/10/18
Cable Cat.7 UV resistant FR - PVC Pewtronic CAB-S-FTP-4x.pdf131 kB2010/01/15
Cable bushing lengthening, PG21, Flexi, P69K, 50cm SET-RAY2-EXT-F50.pdf1 839 kB2015/03/05
Connector RJ45, AWG 24-22 (Cat5e, Cat6A, Cat7), Telegärtner CON-RJ45-TLG-CAT6.pdf1 977 kB2014/09/17
DC power cable 2x1.5mm, Silicon, for RAy2 CAB-DC-2x1.pdf1 532 kB2014/07/22
Double shell outdoor FTP Cat5e cable, TELDOR CAB-CAT5E-FTP-TLD.pdf272 kB2014/07/22
Fibre cables CAB-FIB-OFA.pdf838 kB2014/10/06
Fibre+DC cables CAB-HYB-OFA.pdf385 kB2015/03/25
Grounding kit for Cat.7 S/FTP 4x(2x23 AWG). Pewtronic KIT-GROUNDING-CAT7.pdf212 kB2011/10/10
Grounding kit for coaxial cables, FIMO KIT-GROUNDING-5-11MM.pdf287 kB2018/05/29
Mast grounding kit for RAy or RAy2 KIT-GROUNDING-RAY.pdf546 kB2010/01/06
PoE passive injector 1Gb Eth, max 1.4 A, IMCO POWER PWR-POE-PAS-H.pdf137 kB2018/05/29
PoE power sup 1Gb Eth, 50 W, 100-240VAC, IMCO POWER PWR-POE-ALC01H.pdf433 kB2018/05/29
Power supply PoE 1xGb Eth 36-72VDC/33.6W at 56VDC, Phihong PWR-POE36D-1AT.pdf306 kB2011/06/17
Power supply PoE 1xGb Eth 90-264VAC/33.6W at 56VDC, Phihong PWR-POE36U-1AT.pdf267 kB2010/11/16
Power supply with back-up 90-260VAC/27.6VDC/50W, Mean Well PWS-AC-DC-AD-55B.pdf374 kB2014/06/11
SFP module, 2-fibres, LC, SM, 10 km, -40°C to +85°C, APAC Opto SFP-DLC-APAC.pdf143 kB2014/07/17
SFP module, RJ45 interface, -40°C to +85°C, Avago SFP-RJ45-AVAGO.pdf640 kB2014/09/11
Surge protection 1Gb Eth Cat.6 LPZ0B-PLZ1 IP20 -40/+85°C, Saltek OTH-DL-1GRJ45-ds-en.pdf189 kB2018/04/24
Surge protection 1Gb Eth Cat.6 LPZ2-LPZ3 IP20 -40/+85°C, Saltek OTH-DL-CAT-6-60V-ds-en.pdf151 kB2016/11/30
Surge protection DC 24V, LPZ1-LPZ2, IP20, -40/+85°C, Saltek OTH-DP-024-ds-en.pdf145 kB2016/11/30
RAy1 archive  
RAy1 - 10 GHz - User Manual RAy10_man_en.pdf6 747 kB2017/09/12
RAy1 - 11,17,24 GHz - User Manual RAy_man_en.pdf8 599 kB2018/08/22
RAy1 - Application notes RAy-AppNote-en.pdf918 kB2014/09/12
RAy1 - Datasheet A3 datasheet_RAY_en.pdf951 kB2014/07/29
RAy1 - SCADA Backbone leaflet_RAY_scada_en.pdf1 039 kB2013/11/28
RAy2 firmware archive
RAy1 (10GHz) firmware archive
RAy1 (11, 17, 24GHz) firmware archive