CETIN, Czech Republic



  • RAy, 10, 17 & 24 GHz
  • Infrastructe for Telco operators
  • Used in O2 and T-mobile networks
  • Corporate last-mile solution
  • Backhaul for DSLAM connections
  • Approx. 4000 links
  • Press release

RAy has been chosen by competitive tender as the standard solution for mobile operator O2 Czech Republic (Telefonica O2 at time of the tender).

Subsequent to O2 restructuring, the network is now owned and operated by CETIN, the largest data provider in the Czech Republic. 99.6% of the Czech population is covered by CETIN’s mix of mobile GSM, UMTS, LTE and CDMA technologies using almost 6.000 base stations, as well as fixed SDH, WDM, Ethernet and IP technologies.

With the 2014 tender valid for 3 years and for more than 700 links, it was essential to select future proofed and reliable Microwave links for 10, 17 and 24 GHz, all required for the project. After demanding testing, RAy was chosen ahead of almost all world-renowned producers who were also being considered for the contract.

The reasons for RAy being selected were summarized by Martin Králík, Director of NHK Solutions, RACOM’s partner for this project:

The excellent RAy performance in terms of unique sensitivity and resistance to interference, extraordinary reliability and advanced diagnostics were further complemented by additional features in the new RAy including optical and metallic user interfaces, jumbo frame support, an IP-TV optimized modem and broad range of DC power options. These are all features that make for a perfect fit, to meet the extensive demands of a customer of CETIN’s caliber.”

In this application RAy is used for last mile connection to corporates and as a backhaul for forward DSLAM connections. ADSL (VDSL) connectivity is provided from DSLAM to the end users.

Resulting from complete satisfaction with RAy, the contract with RACOM and NHK Solutions was extended by CETIN in 2017 for three years and then indefinitely in 2020.

RAy links in Cetin network are nowadays used by O2, T-mobile and other Tier 1 operators in Czech republic.

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