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3. Product

The RAy microwave links are designed for data transmissions in both licensed and unlicensed ISM bands. They work as a point-to-point link in full duplex regime with transfer speed up to 360 Mbps. Bandwidth is selectable from 1.75 up to 56 MHz. Modulation can be fixed or adaptive and can be adjusted from QPSK to 256QAM.

RAy – Microwave link

Fig. 3.1: RAy – Microwave link

The link is formed by two FOD (Full Outdoor) stations. In the case of links operating in the ISM bands (RAy17, RAy24), both stations have identical hardware. In the case of links operating in the licensed bands, one unit is transmitting in the Lower and receiving in the Upper part of the band. The other unit is operating vice versa.

RAy links are used with external parabolic antennas. Parabolic antennas from different producers are available.

Cross polarization – valid only for links operating in the ISM bands (RAy17, RAy24):

One side of the link uses one polarization for transmission (e.g. horizontal) and the opposite polarity for receiving (e.g. vertical). The other side of the link is turned by 90°. It therefore transmits and receives using opposite polarizations with respect to the other side.

3.1. Range of models

RAy11-LAfrequency 10.70 – 10.96 GHz, unit L 
RAy11-LBfrequency 10.96 – 11.20 GHz, unit L 
RAy11-LCfrequency 10.5005 – 10.5425 GHz, unit L 
RAy11-LDfrequency 10.5425 – 10.5845 GHz, unit L 
RAy11-UAfrequency 11.20 – 11.45 GHz, unit U 
RAy11-UBfrequency 11.45 – 11.70 GHz, unit U 
RAy11-UCfrequency 10.5915 – 10.6335 GHz, unit U 
RAy11-UDfrequency 10.6335 – 10.6755 GHz, unit U 
RAy17universal unit for 17.10 – 17.30 GHz band 
RAy24universal unit for 24.00 – 24.25 GHz band 

Every model can be supplied in two different versions:

  • with one metal Ethernet port, e.g. RAy17

  • with two metal Ethernet ports, e.g. RAy17-2

For details see Section 3.6, “Ordering codes”

A detailed table of frequencies can be found in Chapter 9, Technical parameters.

3.2. Installation

The antenna is attached to the mast using a holder adjustable in two planes. The RAy unit is then mounted on the antenna. There are two possible mounting positions – for horizontal and vertical polarization. Installation and adjustment of the holder is described in Chapter Antenna mounting.

RAy Microwave link – antenna and FOD unit

Fig. 3.2: RAy Microwave link – antenna and FOD unit

LAN connection is possible using one or two connectors:

  • The RAyXX version uses a single connector for user data, service access and PoE

  • The RAyXX-2 version uses two connectors, one for user data and PoE power supply and one for service access. For assembly of connectors see chapter Connectors.

The third BNC connector serves for connecting voltmeter for RSS indication during the antenna adjustment process.

RAy Microwave link – connectors

Fig. 3.3: RAy Microwave link – connectors

3.3. Status LEDs

Status LEDs

Fig. 3.4: Status LEDs

Tab. 3.1: Meaning of LED status indicators

ETHGreenUser port
Flashing slowly: Auto Negotiation in progress
Flashing rapidly: Link Activity 10/100/1000
Permanently lit: Link 10/100/1000
YellowManagement port
Flashing: Link Activity 10/100
Permanently lit: Link 10/100
SYSGreenPermanently lit: System OK
Flashing rapidly: Booting
Flashing slowly: Operating system in service mode
RedPermanently lit: Station is performing defaults.
                          Firmware writing in progress. DO NOT POWER OFF.
Flashing slowly: Serious system error.
AIRGreenPermanently lit: AIR link OK
RedPermanently lit: AIR LOSS, loss of connectivity



3.4. Technical parameters

Basic technical parameters are stated in Chapter 9, Technical parameters

3.5. Dimensions

Communication unit ODU

Outer size
  • 245 x 245 x 150 mm

  • RAy11 — 2.8 kg

  • RAy17 — 2.5 kg

  • RAy24 — 2.5 kg

Diameters of supplied antennas

RAy units are ready for direct mounting to Jirous Class 2 antennas.
Individual datasheets are accessible here.

  • 10, 11 GHz:

    • 38 cm, 29.0 dBi

    • 65 cm, 35.5 dBi

    • 90 cm, 37.5 dBi

    • 120 cm, 41.0 dBi

  • 17 GHz:

    • 40 cm, 34.8 dBi

    • 68 cm, 38.6 dBi

    • 90 cm, 41.0 dBi

    • 120 cm, 44.6 dBi

  • 24 GHz:

    • 40 cm, 36.8 dBi

    • 68 cm, 41.7 dBi

    • 90 cm, 44.0 dBi

    • 120 cm, 46.6 dBi

Andrew (Class 2 or 3) or Arkivator antennas are also possible to be used with antenna mounting kit. Flexible waveguide is a general-purpose option for any antenna usage.

Name plate

The plate contains name, bar code record, CE label, etc.:

  • Type – RAy product line identification

  • Code – detailed identification of the station type (see annex for details Section 3.6, “Ordering codes”)

  • S/N – serial number, link contains stations with two different numbers

  • MAC – HW address of user ethernet port

3.6. Ordering codes

3.6.1. Microwave units

The proper pair of Lower and Upper units should be selected when ordering the microwave link. This is not true for ISM bands units (RAy17, RAy24). In such a case the same unit is used for both sides of the link.

Note – The Lower and Upper unit has to be selected from the same sub-band (i.e. from the same row of the table).

The RAy10 ordering codes are stated here for clarity. The RAy10 User manual can be found here.

In case of the two-port units, the “-2” label shall be connected to the end of the ordering code. Example:

  • RAy11-LA-2

  • RAy17-2

3.6.2. Feature keys

The Feature keys ordering code consists of three parts:

      XXX – Product type, e.g. “RAy11”.
      YYY – Feature key type.
                The “SW” key is available now. This key unlocks the User speed to given value.
      ZZZ – Feature key value. In case of User speed it states Mbps. Example:

  • RAy11-SW-100 … RAy11 user data speed max. 100 Mbps.

  • RAy17-SW-360 … RAy17 user data speed max. 360 Mbps.

3.7. Accessories

The microwave bridge comes supplied as standard with:

Microwave bridge accessories need to be ordered separately, for further details please see

3.8. Overview

RACOM-PART-NUMBERShort description             
        Antenna Jirous  
ANT-JRMA-380-10/11RAntenna parabolic 0.38 m 10-11GHz with holder 28.0-29.0 dBi Class 2 
ANT-JRMA-650-10/11RAntenna parabolic 0.65 m 10-11GHz with holder 34.1-35.5 dBi Class 2 
ANT-JRMB-900-10/11RAntenna parabolic 0.9 m 10-11GHz with holder 37.0-37.5 dBi Class 2 
ANT-JRMB-1200-10/11RAntenna parabolic 1.2 m 10-11GHz with holder 40.0-41.0 dBi Class 2 
ANT-JRMB-400-17RAntenna parabolic 0.4 m 17 GHz with holder 34.8 dBi Class 2 
ANT-JRMB-680-17RAntenna parabolic 0.68 m 17 GHz with holder 38.6 dBi Class 2 
ANT-JRMB-900-17RAntenna parabolic 0.9 m 17 GHz with holder 41.0 dBi Class 2 
ANT-JRMB-1200-17RAntenna parabolic 1.2 m 17 GHz with holder 44.6 dBi Class 2 
ANT-JRMB-400-24RAntenna parabolic 0.4 m 24 GHz with holder 36.8 dBi Class 2 
ANT-JRMB-680-24RAntenna parabolic 0.68 m 24 GHz with holder 41.7 dBi Class 2 
ANT-JRMB-900-24RAntenna parabolic 0.9 m 24 GHz with holder 44.0 dBi Class 2 
ANT-JRMB-1200-24RAntenna parabolic 1.2 m 24 GHz with holder 46.6 dBi Class 2 
        Antenna mounting kit  
SET-RAY10-ANWSet mouting RAy10/11 Antenna Andrew 60, 100 
SET-RAY10-ARKSet mouting RAy10/11 Antenna Arkivator 30, 60, 99, 120 
SET-RAY17-ANWSet mouting RAy17 Antenna Andrew 30, 60, 100 
SET-RAY17-ARKSet mouting RAy17 Antenna Arkivator 30, 60, 99 
SET-RAY24-ANWSet mouting RAy24 Antenna Andrew 30, 60, 100 
SET-RAY24-ARKSet mouting RAy24 Antenna Arkivator 30, 60, 99, 120 
        Flexible waveguide mounting kit  
SET-RAY-FX-R100Set mouting RAy to flange R100 
SET-RAY-FX-R120Set mouting RAy to flange R120 
        Power supply PoE  
PWR-POE36U-1ATPower supply PoE 1xGb Eth 90-264 VAC/ 33.6 W at 56 VDC Phihong 
PWR-POE36D-1ATPower supply PoE 1xGb Eth 36-72 VDC/ 33.6 W at 56 VDC Phihong 
        Power supply holder  
HOL-POE-PHI-1ADIN rail holder for PoE Phihong 
HOL-POE-PHI-4A19″ Rack holder for 1xPOE125U-4-AT-N Phihong 
        Surge protection  
OTH-DL-1GRJ45Surge protection 1Gb Eth Cat.6 LPZ0B-LPZ1 IP20 -40/+85°C 
OTH-DL-CAT.6-60VSurge protection 1Gb Eth Cat.6 LPZ2-LPZ3 IP20 -40/+85°C 
        CAT7 connector  
CON-V01P-RJ45-FHConnector RJ45 for Cat.7 outdoor IP67 -40/+70°C Weidmüller – plastic body 
CON-V01M-RJ45-FHConnector RJ45 for Cat.7 outdoor IP67 -40/+70°C Weidmüller- metal body 
CON-RJ45-FH-BKConnector RJ45 for Cat.7 indoor IP20 -40/+70°C Weidmüller – indoor 
        CAT7 cable  
CAB-S/FTP 4xCat.7 cable for connecting FOD units to the network, PEWTRONIC Ltd. 
        RAy grounding kit  
KIT-GROUNDING-1/4″Grounding kit for antenna cable 
KIT-GROUNDING-RAYGrounding kit for mast grounding 

3.9. Details


The overview of different Jirous antenna types is listed in Section 3.5, “Dimensions”. The antenna choice determines radio link properties. The radio link calculation should be performed to determine proper antenna size. Rough calculation can be done using a simple on-line calculator.

Antenna mounting kit

Other manufacturer’s antennas can also be used with RAy2 links. The RAy2 unit can be attached by means of special interconnetions. There are several types of these parts for Andrew and Arkivator antennas. It is also possible to develop interconnetions for other antenna types.

  • see the Overview

  • The bracket for mounting FOD unit on the antenna.

Flexible waveguide mounting kit


The RAy unit can be attached to the antenna by flexible waveguide.

  • SET-RAY-FX-R100

  • SET-RAY-FX-R120

  • The bracket for mounting the flexible waveguide on the FOD unit.

Power supply PoE

  • PWR-POE36U-1AT

  • orig. part no:   POE36U-1AT

  • FOD unit power supplies – 30 W PoE adapters, 1x Eth

  • Input 100 to 240 VAC, Output 56 V / 33.6 W, Phihong

  • Datasheet AC


  • PWR-POE36D-1AT

  • orig. part no:   POE36D-1AT

  • Input 36 to 72 VDC / 1.2 A, Output 56 V / 33.6 W, Phihong

  • Datasheet DC

Power supply holder


  • 1x Eth PoE power supply, DIN rail mountable

Surge protection

  • OTH-DL-1GRJ45

  • orig. part no:   DL-1GRJ45

  • Protection from the voltage spikes

  • Datasheet

  • OTH-DL-CAT.6-60V

  • orig. part no:   DL-Cat. 6-60 V

  • Datasheet

CAT7 connector

  • CON-V01P-RJ45-FH … plastic body

  • CON-V01M-RJ45-FH … metal body

  • orig. part no: IE-PS-V01P-RJ45-FH … plastic body

  • orig. part no: IE-PS-V01M-RJ45-FH … metal body

  • Connector RJ45 for Cat.7 outdoor IP67 -40/+70°C Weidmüller

CAT7 connector indoor

  • CON-RJ45-FH-BK

  • orig. part no: IE-PS-RJ45-FH-BK

  • Connector RJ45 for Cat.7 indoor IP20 -40/+70°C Weidmüller

CAT7 cable

  • CAB-S/FTP 4x

  • orig. part no: S / FTP 4x (2x23AWG) Cat.7 + 2x (2×24 AWG)

  • Cat.7 cable for connecting FOD units to the network, PEWTRONIC Ltd.

  • Datasheet

RAy grounding kit


  • Grounding kit for Cat.7 S/FTP 4x(2×23 AWG) cable. Pewtronic.

  • Detail see Grounding.

  • Datasheet


  • RAy grounding set for grounding RAy equipment to the mast. Contains a ZSA16 grounding terminal, grounding tape and a cable with grounding lugs.

  • Detail see Grounding.

  • Datasheet


Extended descriptions

See, Microwave link, Accessories

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