Exxon, France



  • RipEX, 400 MHz & M!DGE
  • Emergency Early Warning System
  • M!DGE used for backup
  • MQTT protocol for sirens
  • Mesh Network
  • Backup routes
  • 14 sites in 9 cities

Exxon Mobil is a major operator at the Port-Jerome-Gravenchon-Refinery. The facility is SEVESO classified and as such, stringent health and safety measures must be observed to protect the surrounding environment and infrastructure.

To fully meet their commitment to health and safety, Exxon Mobil chose to have a completely new, extensive, early warning system developed to include a central management system. A theoretical study of the links was produced and from this, it was realized that VHF was necessary to build a robust radio network. RipEX was chosen ahead of its competitors in the market because of its ability to transport MQTT protocol with efficiency and build a mesh network including Backup routes thus enabling the alarm system to remain functional even if the site is partially damaged. 3G is used as an additional backup.

The alarm system covers 9 cities; 25000 inhabitants spread over 28 km2. RipEX with Router mode and Backup route features is used over 14 sites. M!DGE is used as backup for RipEX across the network. The advanced diagnostics of RipEX including link testing proved very useful during installation and configuration.

AE&T was the main contractor for this new design of Siren system. Such was the success of this application and interest it has generated that, AE&T and RACOM have implemented similar solutions at other sites in France and Spain.

How the system works:

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