JEPCO, Jordan



  • RipEX, 160 MHz
  • Power distribution
  • Extreme Middle East climatic conditions
  • DNP3 protocol
  • Backup routes, Multi repeaters
  • Press release
  • 5000 sites planned

The Jordanian Electric Power Company Limited (JEPCO) was established in Amman in the year 1938. JEPCO is responsible for distributing mains electricity to about (66%) of the total consumers in the country. Forward planning and forecasting to meet the growing demands of the consumers has been embedded in JEPCO’s philosophy.

In tests lasting many months, RipEX had to prove its qualities not only in pure technical parameters, but also while operating in extreme climatic conditions, ranging from dusty desert heat to overnight frost. The customer also required an advanced topology design, including backup routes, multi repeaters and the ability to operate in locations with challenging infrastructure.

The customer appreciates RipEX’s outstanding performance over its competitors, embedded support of DNP3 protocol, friendly, yet advanced diagnostics and overall professional approach of RACOM as a producer.

The whole network is designed for more than 5000 sites. The climatic conditions of the Middle East thoroughly test any technology deployed in the field.

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