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17. Diagnostic

All diagnostic services of the CU can be accessed from this menu. A short description of the main groups of diagnostic tools follows in the respective paragraphs. From MORSE main menu type i Enter

  (M)onitoring/old (m)on
  (s)ystem channels
  stat (l)ogs (c)ron
  (E)vent/e(r)ror log
  (t)ests (R)ecorder
  channel se(n)d
  enable RF(T)X

(M)onitoring and (s)ystem channels — these menus complement each other. Monitoring allows trace the communication channels. It is configured individually for the radio channels RFC, serial channels SCC, ethernet channel ETH and for the network agent channels NAG. The packets can be followed on the external (physical) interface or on the internal (CNI). The menu (s)ystem channel defines, where are the monitoring messages sent.


old (m)on — old version of monitoring used till firmware version 550


stat (l)ogs — statistical logs record the number of packets passed through individual channels including the diagnostic informations


(E)vent — recording of the events in CU like writing in the memory, reading, switch the modem off and on and others


(t)ests — tests used for the network diagnostics


channel se(n)d — packet simulation on the serial interface


RF(T)X — disable and enable of the radio channel transmissions

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