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1. Quick guide

NetSPIDER is a simple yet powerful tool for RipEX2 radio network firmware operations. It simplifies deployment, maintenance and firmware updates.

NetSPIDER is compatible with RipEX2 units running firmware and newer.

NetSPIDER is provided for Microsoft Windows 10 as a standalone installer and for Linux as a software bundle. Aside from installation and launch of the tool all other operations are the same in both versions.

1.1. Upgrading Network Firmware

To quickly upgrade firmware of all units in the network following steps must be completed:

  1. Install NetSPIDER

  2. Launch NetSPIDER

  3. Upload desired Firmware Binary in „Firmware“ section of the NetSPIDER web interface

  4. Create list of all physical RipEX2 units in your network in “Units” section

  5. Build network in “Network” section


    Network hierarchy should match radio network topology to ensure correct firmware distribution.

  6. Upload desired firmware to all nodes using “Tree Firmware Operations” button “Upload” in top network node’s panel. All nodes must share the same user account (admin role is necessary) for NetSPIDER access


    We recommend using shared secure admin access solely for NetSPIDER

  7. Check Activity Log and wait for the operation to finish.

  8. Activate uploaded firmware using “Activate” command in “Tree Firmware Operations” of the top network node.

  9. Check Activity Log and wait for the operation to finish.

By now the network should be fully updated. It may be checked using “Get Status” command.

Details about NetSPIDER operation can be found in following chapters.

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