2022 Evaluation


In January, we held our traditional sales meeting, where we always evaluate the previous year and discuss sales expectations for the year ahead. We also use the meeting the product management team to inform of upcoming news from R&D. This year, we decided to save travel time, so the meeting was held in two days fully online.

Although RACOM has tripled the amount of stock for production compared to before the Covid pandemic, there were still issues with components supply in 2022. We had to buy some parts on the open market and pay even two hundred Euros more per piece than normal. In addition, we had to deal with the increased risks and costs associated with testing.

Despite all the difficulties, we consider 2022 a successful year. The reality was even higher than the sales forecast presented by our sales team at the beginning of the year. Our sales were comparable to 2021, which was our most successful year ever. Since we did not pass on all the increased expenses to our customers, profit was logically lower.

We sold more Cellular routers compared to 2021, and sales were slightly lower for Radio modems and Microwave links. The reason for the slight decrease in radio modems was mainly due to customers postponing deliveries for large tenders already won, while in microwave links we had to partially reduce production at the end of the year due to a shortage of components.

The sales forecast for 2023 presented by our sales team is optimistic and slightly higher than the reality of 2022. We believe that, similar to the previous year, we will be able to exceed the forecast and continue to grow. The news from R&D presented by the product management at the meeting will certainly help to achieve this.

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