LUKOIL, Russia



  • RipEX, 400 MHz
  • Oil Production management
  • Temperatures below -40 °C
  • Extensive rough hilly wooded area
  • TCP in the centre + Terminal server
  • Polling and Report-by-exception
  • 5 Masters in 5 locations, 120 remotes

LUKOIL is a major international vertically-integrated oil & gas company, the largest privately owned oil & gas company in the world by proved oil reserves and one of the biggest Russian oil business groups with $139 billion revenue and net income in excess of $11 billion.

LUKOIL have used the radio modems RipEX400 to create a geographically-distributed radio data network on a large oil field in the Republic of Komi in rough hilly wooded area.

Thanks to RipEX fetaures, the new functions have been implemented to the customer’s SCADA network such as the serial access (polling) and random access to a radio channel including the functions of distributed IP-routing, multiple retransmission and remote monitoring via the corporate Ethernet network.

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