Full Duplex RipEX in Brazil



  • RipEX2, 400 MHz
  • Power distribution
  • Full duplex p-t-p links
  • 1.6 Mbps
  • 99,9% availibility
  • 19‘ rack installation
  • Rio de Janeiro

RACOM has been active in the Brazilian market for many years and has hundreds of RipEX radio modems installed there.

In 2022, in cooperation with our local partner Utili, we were able to win a contract to supply p-t-p lines in the 400 MHz band for a utility company that supplies electricity in the state of Rio de Janeiro and is Brazil’s fourth largest power distribution company in terms of customers, with approximately 10 million.

Similar to other utility companies, the distribution network needs to be monitored and managed. Radio modems are also used for this purpose.

The volumes of data transferred from the most important substations are so high that these substations need to be connected by separate p-t-p links with maximum reliability and availability.

Aprisa XE equipment was used for these purposes. However, the customer was not satisfied with the performance and reliability of these links in the long term, so they decided to replace them with RipEX2 radio modems.

In the first phase, three full duplex links were installed. On two of them the maximum possible modulation 256 QAM is set in the 250 kHz channel, i.e. a speed of 1.6 Mbps in both directions simultaneously. The distances are 9 and 10 kilometers and both links achieve 99,9 % availability over the long term. The third link is very complicated from a radio propagation point of view as it has very strong multipath propagation and reflections in a distance of 9 Km. For this reason, a more robust 16DEQAM modulation had to be used to achieve 98% availability at 1.1 Mbps.

The RipEX2 units are installed in 19’ rack cabinet using the RipEX2-RS chassis and an external duplexer.

The design, installation and commissioning of the links was carried out with the participation of our engineer Lorena, who is based in Brazil and in charge of technical support in Latin America.

We are pleased that the end customer was impressed with the performance and reliability of the full duplex links with RipEX2 radio modems and we believe that more will links be added to the first three soon.

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