Voice Network, New Zealand



  • RipEX2, 400 MHz
  • DMR Tier 3
  • Voice Network
  • Base station interconnection
  • Full duplex p-t-p links
  • 50 kHz channel, 64 QAM, 250 kbps
  • Mountain area, NLOS

New Zealand is one of the countries where RACOM products are very popular. Since 2011, RipEX Radio modems have been installed here, which were later complemented by RAy Microwave links.

In recent years, our latest RipEX2 Radio modem has also been making its mark on the local market. Thanks to its high data speed of up to 1.7 Mbps and the possibility of full duplex operation, it is also deployed in applications where the use of VHF/UHF radio modems was previously not possible due to their limited data capacity. One example is the interconnection of base stations for voice DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) networks.

Ashley Communications provides voice mobile communications throughout the South Island of New Zealand. Ashley is steadily expanding its VHF DMR Tier 3 network and new interconnections between base stations are IP based.

Holland Communications, a long-time RACOM partner in New Zealand, offered Ashley our RipEX2 radio modems to test the possibility of connecting three remote sites to a central point on their DMR network.

The trial proved to be very successful and Ashley purchased new RipEX2 hardware to connect sites 50 km from each other in the rugged southern Alps of New Zealand. The full duplex links operate in the licensed 400 MHz band with 64 QAM modulation and 200 kbps on 50 kHz channels.

Compared to other options, building and then operating duplex links with RipEX2 is more economical than using microwave links, for example. Therefore, Ashley plans to use our radio modems to connect other base stations as well.

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