• RipEX2, 400 MHz
  • DMR Tier 3
  • Voice Network
  • Base station interconnection
  • Full duplex p-t-p links
  • 50 kHz channel, 64 QAM, 250 kbps
  • Mountain area, NLOS

New Zealand is one of the countries where RACOM products are very popular. Since 2011, RipEX Radio modems have been installed here, which were later complemented by RAy Microwave links.

In recent years, our latest RipEX2 Radio modem has also been making its mark on the local market. Thanks to its high data speed of up to 1.7 Mbps and the possibility of full duplex operation, it is also deployed in applications where the use of VHF/UHF radio modems was previously not possible due to their limited data capacity. One example is the interconnection of base stations for voice DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) networks.

Ashley Communications provides voice mobile communications throughout the South Island of New Zealand. Ashley is steadily expanding its VHF DMR Tier 3 network and new interconnections between base stations are IP based.

Holland Communications, a long-time RACOM partner in New Zealand, offered Ashley our RipEX2 radio modems to test the possibility of connecting three remote sites to a central point on their DMR network.

The trial proved to be very successful and Ashley purchased new RipEX2 hardware to connect sites 50 km from each other in the rugged southern Alps of New Zealand. The full duplex links operate in the licensed 400 MHz band with 64 QAM modulation and 200 kbps on 50 kHz channels.

Compared to other options, building and then operating duplex links with RipEX2 is more economical than using microwave links, for example. Therefore, Ashley plans to use our radio modems to connect other base stations as well.


  • RipEX 400 MHz
  • Split time transmissions
  • Online TV broadcasting
  • Three locations, Multiple hops
  • Flexible protocol
  • Highest possible reliability
  • 25 kHz, 4CPFSK

Nowadays it is almost impossible to organize and run certain sporting event without split times on TV displays in the centre of the event and in TV broadcasts. Spectators seldom realise the challenges involved in transferring split time data from the course to the event centre, especially for sports that take place over a large area like orienteering, mass runs, cycling, cross-country skiing, triathlon etc.

When cables cannot be used, wireless technology must be utilized; Radio modems or Cellular routers from RACOM then become an obvious solution.

In reality, 3G or 4G networks are not the best choice. The cellular network covering the area is not ready to cater for the demands of the large numbers of spectators that are coming just for the event; It is overloaded and becomes unreliable. Sometimes cellular network coverage is also missing in more remote parts of the course. In such a case, the best solution for split time transfer is using a private radio network with RipEX radio modems temporarily installed just for the event.

On Line System is a recognised supplier of accurate timing at sports events including Jizerská 50, one of eleven races of Visma Ski Classic long distance cross country ski championships. This race in Czech Republic attracts around 5000 competitors every year. On Line System started experiencing increased issues with 3G/4G networks over a number of years. In 2018 they decided to make the change and use RipEX radio modems in order to provide higher levels of reliability and the levels of service they are renowned for.

Each year, split times are recorded at the same three points around the course, so there was no possibility to change the locations. Because of that, one set of split times had to be transmitted over a distance of 15km using three radio hops to provide the levels of reliability required.

In order to further guarantee reliability, radios were set up to operate on a 25 kHz channel using ‘only’ 4CPFSK modulation in Flexible protocol. The Application uses TCP/IP transmitting 70B packets per split time. New packets are queued for transmission awaiting TCP acknowledgement from the centre for each previous packet, ensuring the radio network is not unnecessarily overloaded.

As a further test of the robustness of the RipEX solution, split times were being transmitted from three independent locations on the course that could not hear each other. The efficiency of the RipEX radio protocol is such that it was able to comfortably manage all collisions created by simultaneous transmissions from these three locations and two repeaters.

Petr Blazej, owner of On Line System said, “We are delighted with the performance levels achieved by RipEX throughout the event. Knowing that the data was being transmitted over a secure and robust link made the whole event a more relaxing experience for us and we are looking forward to using RipEX in a similar capacity in future events”.


  • M!DGE
  • Leased services network
  • Mission critical applications
  • Ethernet and serial interface
  • Mountainous arctic environment
  • Extreme temperatures up to -30 oC
  • Over 500 units deployed

LMC (Last Mile Communication) has delivered enterprise-critical communication solutions with high focus on quality and reliability to customers since 1999. During that time LMC has become aware of a large demand for remote management, monitoring, tracking, alert, and remote access at customer installations with emphasis on security, that did not have a solution available on the market.

IOG, an LMC company, was formed with the commitment to meet that demand and provide solutions and expertise, making it possible to use cellular networks for these critical industrial installations. IOG makes it easy to establish and operate robust M2M solutions. The IOG network operates as a leased service for virtual private networks with typically 2-70 sites.

With the remoteness of many locations requiring these services, in Northern latitudes and rugged mountainous landscape, it has been important to develop robust solutions and use only the highest quality hardware. Adding to the challenge is the fact that many applications are mission critical, including pumping and power stations.

The IOG business model provides leased services and a commitment to provide high SLA provision to their customers; it has been essential for IOG to ensure that every part of the infrastructure meets the stringent demands placed on it.

Years of experience has proven that the RACOM M!DGE is the best choice in such an environment, providing excellent levels of stability. IOG customers also appreciate the serial SCADA protocol implementation.

As of 2017, IOG has over 500 M!DGE units in service and is delighted with the reliability offered by the device, helping IOG develop and maintain a justifiable reputation for quality in the Scandinavian market and beyond.

Dag Nielsen, Technical Director, states LMC cooperation with RACOM dates back to 2001. During this time LMC has used different RACOM products and has always been happy and satisfied with levels of performance and reliability. RACOM technical support has also been excellent. It is why M!DGE is our product of choice.”


  • M!DGE
  • ATM banking system
  • Remote installations
  • Desert environment, +50 oC
  • Over 100 sites and growing
  • Security and reliability

With headquarters in Baghdad, Arab Information Technology is a provider of end-to-end electronic payment products and services. It is the first Iraqi company to have had a third party processing switch located in Iraq and the only Iraqi company to hold PCI DSS Certification. This confirms the professionalism Arab Information Technology is recognised for and the strong reputation it has in its market.

Amongst other services, AIT provides hardware and software solutions for ATM machines with full back-up support. Because there is limited access to some installations, the hardware chosen for these ATMs must be extremely reliable as there is little or no possibility of online servicing.  Due to extreme climatic conditions the hardware must also operate seamlessly across a very wide temperature range.

In one current and ongoing project, Arab Information Technology is providing ATM’s to leading banks in Iraq. RACOM’s M!DGE 3G cellular router provides the optimal solution in this environment. Chosen for its reliability, M!DGE also offers key security features including AES data encryption, IPSec and VPN tunnelling to protect the sensitive data that must be transmitted.

Over 100 units are so far operational but this is just a small percentage of the total project number.

Such has been the success of M!DGE within this project it is already being considered for use in a similar application in UAE.


  • RipEX, 400 MHz
  • Online TV broadcasting
  • TV motorized camera control
  • Ground to Air
  • Joystick to Camera
  • Mass radio interference
  • 50 kHz channel, π/4DQPSK, 69 kbps

Tour de France is one of the most watched sports on TV. This cycling event has a reputation for high quality images provided from a variety of sources: motorbikes, cars, helicopters and fixed locations. The finish route circle on Champs-Élysées in Paris is so overcrowded by supporting cars and motorbikes that cable mounted, motorised cameras must be used to get clear images and close up shots.

ACS France, a leading company in providing TV broadcasting of sporting events for more than 17 years, was responsible for providing images from Tour de France in 2016.

Each stage of the Tour is accompanied by a squadron of helicopter and large numbers of police, international TV and radio stations, creating huge radio communication smog. Lots of equipment was tested in this harsh environment by ACS but only RipEX was able to provide fast and reliable communication.

During real-time broadcasting, one RipEX unit was connected to the joystick and the other to the motorized, gyro stabilised camera, for control management. It was essential to have a continuous fast data stream with minimum jitter, otherwise the pictures would be discontinuous. Despite the noise created by outside factors, the RipEX radios performed perfectly.

Robust, interference tolerant π/4DQPSK modulation with ‘only’ 69 kbps being used; 16DEQAM would have provided 166 kbps but with lower noise and interference resistance.

You can see unique images of the end of Tour de France captured with the help of RipEX here (sec. 27-45):


RipEX radios have now become an essential piece of equipment for ACS and are likely to help bring unique action shots to your TV screens from global sporting events in the future, such as the French Open tennis championship at Roland Garros and of course, next year’s Tour de France.


  • RipEX, 400 MHz
  • Installed in electric aircraft
  • Air to Air
  • Air to Ground
  • Real time data transfer
  • 35 km air-to-air, 10 cm antennas
  • Crossing English Channel

The Airbus Group Innovations research and technology network is leading a company-wide electric aircraft roadmap. The development of flying demonstrators E-Fan, allows the group to evaluate the feasibility and benefits of e-aircraft technology. The wide ranging research into disruptive technologies and other programs will enable improvements across the Group’s product range, including more on-board electrical power to increase aircraft efficiency, reduce noise and lower emissions.

Success in this research project requires transfer of large amounts of data in real time. It was therefore important for Airbus to scrutinise the various technologies available within the market to find the most adaptive, best in class technologies. The RipEX radio modem is renowned for overall data throughput and this, combined with the way in which state-of-the-art concepts have been carefully implemented, provide the Airbus Group with the optimal solution.

In over 100 test flights leading up to the record crossing of the Channel, Airbus used one RipEX unit in the E-Fan transmitting telemetry data to another RipEX unit in the support aircraft. Successful communications were managed to over 35kms with only 10cm antennas being used on each unit.

For the record 38 minute flight itself, Airbus used air to air communication for transfer of data but also had simultaneous communications with static units on the ground. Because of the flight distance of 74 kms, a static unit was installed at either airport. Initially, air to ground communication was established with the RipEX unit in England and half way through the flight, a new communication link was automatically established with the RipEX unit at the landing airport in France. This network set up ensured telemetry data was being simultaneously transmitted, to two independent units throughout the entire flight.


  • RipEX, 400 MHz
  • Water monitoring at wellheads
  • Remote desert installations, +50 °C
  • Serial interface
  • Siemens ‘WinCC’ SCADA and ’S7-300’ PLC
  • Bridge mode
  • 2 base stations and over 20 remotes

The Jordan Phosphates Mines Co. , incorporated in 1953, extracts and processes phosphate ore as a primary activity. Operating three mines, it is the World’s second largest exporter of Phosphate ore. Accountable to the Kingdom’s environmental codes to ensure sustainability within the country, JPMC have looked to employ the latest technologies in relevant fields to comply with these demands.

As part of this review, JPMC realized the benefits to be gained in using modern digital radio networks; easy to configure and maintain and that provide robust and reliable communications with even the remotest sites. By the end of the tender process, RipEX proved itself to be the optimal solution for a network to monitor water at the wellheads. Since the customer put maximum stress on the communication reliability in remote desert locations and the data speed was not the issue, 4CPFSK modulation with 20 kbps data rate has been chosen. Each radio is configured in Bridge mode using the serial interface [RS232] to connect with SCADA PLC. Data acquisition includes water quality, pressure and temperature at the wellhead, with alarm values set to immediately notify the control centre of changes to measured values.

Despite being the first project for PALCO, RACOM’S new local partner, the installation and commissioning process was made very easy due to the intuitive nature of the set up configurations and technical support mechanisms provided by RACOM. In this case RACOM provided only Radio coverage path study.

At the time, Mr. Radwan Abu Tubbaneh, Deputy General Manager of PALCO said, “The engineers did not know the product but are so delighted with the ease of installation and commissioning, they are looking forward to using more RipEX units when the network is scaled up as well as in other projects.

Since commissioning, the network has operated seamlessly and at time of writing, orders for additional RipEX units are already being processed to scale up the size of the network.


  • Currently RipEX, 400 MHz
  • Different Radio modems
  • Since 1995
  • Special usage
  • Fixed and mobile networks
  • Multi-master polling & report-by-exception
  • Over 4000 units till 2017

The unique properties of RACOM radio modems are continuing to give RACOM the opportunity to supply the Czech Police. We began our long-standing cooperation back in 1995; a cooperation that is still proving to be mutually beneficial.

Special-purpose radio modems were developed for the Czech Police that comply with the most stringent standards on communication security and reliability; over 4000 pcs of different models of customized RACOM radio modems have been supplied up to 2017.

In 2017 the Czech Police took the decision to upgrade their entire network and went out to tenderAfter lengthy consideration, taking all options and possible global suppliers into account, it was decided to upgrade the entire network with customised RACOM RipEX radio modems. In order to meet the full tender specifications, special functionality has been incorporated into each radio.

Resulting from this latest tender, 3000 pcs of radio modems will be delivered before end 2020 with a possible expansion for an additional 2000 pcs.

RACOM is proud of its long standing association with the Czech Police and in providing some of the support required to allow the Czech Police to provide such a valuable service to the nation they serve.

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