New production facilities


RACOM tries to do as much as possible in-house so that it is not dependent on third parties and has control over the quality and delivery times for its equipment.

As our production volumes are constantly increasing, we have higher requirements for the production of mechanical parts of our products. The existing mechanical manufacturing facility has been utilized to the maximum and there was no more space to accommodate additional CNC and other machines that are necessary for the production of mechanical parts of our products. Therefore, we had to handle part of our production in cooperation.

RACOM has owned the land and the project to build a new facility for several years. Since everything indicates that the demand for our products will continue in the future and we have other products in development that the market is eagerly awaiting, we have decided to start construction of a new facility for mechanical production in January 2022.

The contract for the construction was signed on January 28, 2022, 4 weeks before the war in Ukraine started. Despite all the negative circumstances, we decided to start the construction and in March the first excavators went on site. We managed to complete the construction on a slightly increased budget and on schedule.

On October 24, 2022 we took over the finished building. Nowadays we consider it a small miracle that the construction, including the final work on the surrounding land, was completed within 7 months. In November we moved everything to the new premises and since December all mechanical production is running here.

We now have 1,600 m2 of space available, so we have sufficient reserve for the future. The factory meets the most modern requirements. Among other things, there is an air conditioning system that keeps the internal temperature in the production area within the range of +/-3 oC. This allows us to produce microwave filters and duplexers with an accuracy of thousandths of mm.

The new building is only 1 km away from our headquarters, so there are no logistical problems either. The land on which our new production facility stands is large enough to allow us to expand further if necessary.

We believe that our investment of 2.8 million EUR makes a lot of sense and will soon be visible in the quality and availability of our products.

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