CloudNet, Scotland



  • RAy
  • Backhaul and Last Mile
  • Systems Integrator / ISP
  • Corporates and private
  • Resistance to Interference
  • High reliability

CloudNet IT-Solutions Ltd is a System Integrator / Wireless Internet Service Provider. Its networks are specifically designed to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of customers. It delivers interconnectivity to problematic and hard to reach areas in the Northern and Western Isles of Scotland providing domestic ISP services as part of the UK Government National Broadband strategy to provide 30 Mb into every home. It also provides onshore windfarms with a connection to Scottish and Southern Energy plc (SSE).

CloudNet even provided the broadband network that underpinned transmission of rural 5G traffic in the  5G rural first’ project, delivering backhaul connectivity for testbeds and trials to exploit 5G benefits for rural communities and industries like agriculture, broadcasting and utilities.

The biggest issues in the Northern and Western Isles of Scotland are always weather, the topography and the robustness and reliability of microwave links used. Historically, most links didn’t last more than three months without serious corrosion and the need for frequent, costly maintenance. That is, until RACOM’s RAy3 microwave link was trialled!

Thanks to its industrial hardened design and use of heavy-duty industrial components, RAy3 has withstood everything the North Atlantic could throw at it through rain or shine. Apart from some early ‘tweaking’ of the set up to change parameter settings, the radios have continued operating maintenance free. The first link was installed in the Spring of 2018 and is still on site without the need for any hardware maintenance!

Many RACOM links are across bodies of open water connecting island communities. Thanks to RAy’s exceptional robustness against noise and interference, there have been no reflection issues with the signal and CloudNet have maintained the high levels of service and availability they have built their reputation on.

RAy3, with its higher specifications and 1 Gbps speed capability is now a firm part of the network covering the Northern and Western Isles of Scotland and provides stable and maintenance free connection in environmentally challenging conditions.

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