EVN, Vietnam



  • M!DGE
  • Power Distribution
  • Ethernet and Serial Interface
  • Cisco, Vigor… in the centre
  • Sub-tropical climate
  • IEC101 and IEC104
  • Over 1000 remotes

Vietnam Electricity (EVN) is the largest state-owned power company in Vietnam, providing electricity generation, transmission and distribution throughout Vietnam.

After researching various technologies that could be used for data transfer in their SCADA telemetry network connecting mainly reclosers, it was decided that cellular routers were the most appropriate and would provide the optimal solution whilst allowing costs to remain within the budgetary constraints of the project.

The RACOM M!DGE was tested against other products and showed itself to provide the most robust solution for the network, hosting unique features such as IPsec, VPN tunneling and an ability to maintain high link integrity with end to end functionality in a stable environment.

The network is made up of VPN concentrators such as Cisco, Vigor, Juniper,… in the control centre with M!DGE units connected using IPsec tunnel or NAPT. The network uses two types of communication. Some of the remotes communicate using RS232 serial communications and IEC 101 protocol whilst the others use IEC 104 over Ethernet and TCP/IP.

M!DGE routers of all generations, including the latest M!DGE3, are continuously deployed in the EVN network since 2017. Installation and configuration of the routers is running smoothly and with minimal support from RACOM.

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