Philcom, Philippines



  • RAy, 10 GHz
  • Prominent ISP in Philippines
  • Backhaul link
  • Tropical typhoon conditions
  • 20 km / 120 cm antennas
  • Exceptional selectivity, hitless ACM
  • Good distance/speed/availability balance

Microwave link RAy is used by Philcom in Manila as a part of their backbone. Philcom is one of the leading ISPs in the Philippines. Although the distance between the sites is more than 20 km, thanks to RAy’s exceptional sensitivity the data rate is 170 Mbps for 99% of the time. The customer appreciates the hitless ACM feature, when the link can adapt its speed according actual SNR, e.g. during a tropical rain. 10 GHz band seems to be the right choice for tropical climate. It makes a good compromise between distance / speed / availability parameters of the microwave link.

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