Veolia, France



  • RipEX 400, 400 MHz
  • Water distribution
  • Modbus TCP
  • Autospeed functionality
  • TCP proxy
  • AES256 encryption
  • PtP and PtMP, Robust NLOS

Eau du Grand Lyon contracted Veolia to provide an efficient potable water supply to over 800,000 people within 33 municipalities; this contract came into force in February 2015. Eau du Grand Lyon wanted to benefit from the latest wireless technologies to expand its remote management network and entrusted SYSOCO the task of connecting a network of new remote sites. These included interconnections of production and processing structures such as boreholes, catchments, pumping and chlorination stations and infrastructure responsible for the storage and distribution of water.

As a means of managing the complete network, it was split into four zones. Each zone has its own control centre and each control centre communicates with the central command centre.

The standard method used to transfer data to and from each control centre is via Microwave link and Radio modems. At sites, which are too far from the control centre to be serviced effectively via microwave link, or require robust NLOS communication, RipEX was found to provide the optimal solution.  At other sites there is a need for PtMP communications and here again, only RipEX provides the ideal solution.

Eau du Grand Lyon were more than happy with RipEX being chosen after they discovered each RipEX unit offers three distinct levels of security and RACOM had partnered Sysoco in a number of previous network implementations. Also Modbus TCP, routing, frequency options and the modulation agility of RipEX more than meet the demands of the network.

Thierry Muron, Account Manager with Sysoco commented that he was very happy with the levels of support provided by RACOM’s technical support team; from providing complete radio propagation studies for each NLOS site to visiting with Sysoco engineers to configure the first RipEX site.

Since commissioning, the RipEX units have functioned perfectly and both Sysoco and RACOM are looking forward to joining forces on other projects in the future.

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