Cellular router M!DGE3e


The third generation of the M!DGE3 cellular router was launched last year. It has established itself very well among customers and has successfully replaced the M!DGE2, the previous generation.

Our cellular routers are mainly used for data communication in SCADA & Telemetry applications in critical infrastructure for Power and Water, Oil & Gas and other industries. They are also suitable for many other applications where high reliability and 24/7 service are required, such as POS, ATM, Security, etc.

Based on feedback from our customers, we decided to develop the essential version M!DGE3e suitable for less demanding installations. It is built on the same platform as M!DGE3, but we have thoughtfully stripped some features to make it more affordable. Both models are fully compatible.

Together with RipEX radio modems offers an unrivalled solution for combining mobile and licensed UHF/VHF radio in one hybrid network.

The philosophy of the full-featured flagship and its basic version is the same as for our RipEX2 and RipEX2e radio modems. The M!DGE3e does not have the option to be expanded via an mPCIe slot, so it cannot be extended with GPS, other serial interfaces or a second cellular module. There are only two Ethernet and one serial interface, and compared to the M!DGE3, it is missing SFP, digital inputs and outputs, HW tamper and dynamic routing options.

M!DGE2 is gradually being discontinued for new projects and we expect to deliver it only for existing network expansions or in other necessary cases. Of course, we continue to carry out any repairs without any restrictions, just as we continue to maintain the FW.

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