RACOM meet with CTU


RACOM recently met with CTU (Czech telecommunications office) in Prague. Such meetings provide a valuable portal allowing RACOM to express the needs and desires of its customers and the market in general. They also provide an ideal opportunity to gain insight into issues currently under consideration by National, European and Global telecommunications standards authorities.

Having been given the opportunity to take an active part in open discussions about general utilisation of the frequency bands from 960 to 1700 MHz, RACOM also shared informal discussions about possible plans for other frequency bands.

It was suggested in discussions, there might be a possibility channel width on the 400 MHz frequency band be increased from the current 25 KHz available although no final decision has been made.

The main purpose of the meeting was to provide input to the open discussion ‘Comments from Czech Radiokomunikace on the draft general measures of the radio spectrum utilization plan no. PV-P / 20 / XX.2015-YY for the frequency band from 960 to 1700 MHz’.

In summary, this is how best to address the problems of higher demands for data throughput for radio SCADA networks.

RACOM suggested an ideal solution would be to open up new frequencies specifically for radio SCADA networks. It was emphasised this is required to meet present, not future demand. Further it was suggested 1.4 GHz, currently unused in Czech Republic, would be ideal to provide the required capacity for current and future demand. A European recommendation already exists for communications at these frequencies and they are currently being used for p-t-p links in some other European States.

Should the CTU agree to RACOM’s suggestion, it would allow RACOM and other manufacturers to provide equipment to meet market need without having to undergo additional research and testing of equipment operating on different frequencies. Furthermore, RACOM’s suggestion that these frequencies be dedicated to SCADA point to multi point network communications will protect frequency bands for this important sector of radio communications.

RACOM also meet the CTU regarding higher frequency broad band issues and are happy to keep our market informed of outcomes from these discussions.

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