RipEX – latest enhancement


RipEX – A leading radio modem always predicting market requirements comes to the market with its next improvements, mainly in terms of security.

These new features are available from 1.7 fw version:


IPsec in RipEX uses a standard Linux well proven implementation and can be used to combine a full set of security features thus reducing overhead. It is also possible to setup an IPsec tunnel either between two RipEX units or between RipEX and another device.

IPsec fulfils all expected security requirements – especially:

  • Data-origin authentication
  • Data integrity
  • Data confidentiality (encryption)
  • Reply protection
  • Key exchange

IPsec in RipEX = fully secure radio network without compromises !


Secured SNMP v3 with SNMP Traps and acknowledged SNMP Informs is now available.

Read-only management account

Besides Admin account, read-only Guest account is available.


RipEX can be mounted in really harsh environment now. IP51 version is available.

Please see RipEX firmware release notes, RipEX web page and RipEX datasheet for all new features or contact us for more information.

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