Microwave link calculator


Happy Birthday!

RACOM’s Microwave link calculator has recently reached a special milestone in its life. It is six years since it was published on our website.

Since then, this product has been performing calculations for our customers, over 120 times per day, every day!

So why is it such a popular product?

It is easy to configure and perform calculations. Additionally, RACOM’s complete portfolio of Microwave radios and antennas are already predefined in the product; you do not need to access any data from external sources.

The product calculates how good the availability of the link will be. It also shows the level of signal strength you should get when routing and displays the elevation profile. And of course, it is a simple matter to enter new parameters and recalculate. All of this helps simplify the link design process.

Because of the effectiveness of the RACOM link calculator and the simplicity to configure, it is regularly used by Universities in Czechia, Austria and beyond, as a tool to teach students about Microwave link calculation – helping train future generations of Microwave engineers.

And because of the popularity of the link calculator, we have even included a version in RAy tools, the suite of mobile Apps we launched that can be used for Antenna alignment and link management.

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