Middle East Focus


RACOM has long recognized the potential for all our product lines in the Middle East. In 2011 we realized the need for physical RACOM presence in the region. As a result Syed Muhammad was appointed Area Sales Manager (MENA) in January 2012 and set about building on all the good work that had gone before to consolidate and further develop RACOM’s footprint in the region.

Product lines have been approved for use throughout the region, most recently with all our product lines now approved for use in Iran by the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA), Iran. RipEX has also recently been approved by the Telecom Regulatory Authority (CITC ) in Saudi Arabia. Resulting from these and earlier approvals, our modems, microwave units and routers are being selected as the product of choice and optimal solution in many projects. As a standard part of our quality control, units produced by RACOM are individually tested in a climatic chamber from -30 °C and below to +55 °C and above (modems/routers rated up to +70 °C; see website for full product specs).  This ability to function seamlessly in extreme temperatures is greatly welcomed.

Telecom companies and ISPs in several countries are making RAy 11, RAy 17 & RAy 24 their product of choice, whether through migration from 5 GHz links or installing new specialized links for their customers. Our recent strategic partnership with LEAX-RAy, using their Class 3 antennas with direct mounting of our microwave units is already proving popular. Customers are reporting this new combination of RAy microwave units and LEAX-RAy antennas provides even better end to end performance on links.

Our radio modems are operating effectively in SCADA networks for utility and mining companies throughout the region with a number of new networks currently in the planning stages. RipEX’s reputation for reliability, performance and robustness is proving well founded as is the ability to operate over long distances and using low power options. Please use the links to read about the biggest RipEX network in the region in Jordan here. There is also detailed information available about a RipEX network in Saudi Arabia here and about M!DGE network in Oman here. Our 3G routers are also being used to automate oil fields in UAE, manage power distribution in Oman and more recently, in a network to manage financial transactions at ATM’s on a national basis in Iraq.

These and other successful projects are testament to the reliability and robustness of our products to withstand the extreme climatic conditions experienced in the region. As we continue to develop a deeper understanding of the needs of the local markets now and for the future, we can confidently say the Middle East will remain an important market for RACOM.

Please contact us for more information about our products or how best to meet specific requirements in your area of operation.

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