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RACOM recently invited regional and national ISP operators from the Czech market and our national distributors to a wine tasting. Guests enjoyed traditional Moravian music and a tour of the wine cellar.

The event was organised as a way of saying thank you for choosing RACOM products and to allow customers to meet to exchange views about the industry and to discuss its future. Collectively, these customers operate backhaul and or last mile applications.

It was very helpful to meet Management and Senior Technicians from the ISP operators in attendance and listen to their opinions and experiences. RACOM had representatives from Sales, Technical support, Development and Management at the event; all were keen to engage in discussions about general market needs and trends and specific problems experienced by customers.

We also appreciate the role distributors play in RACOM’s success. The positive relationships and understanding we enjoy with them, the market feedback they provide and their ideas and views are a valuable part of our continuing success.

We are happy that discussions revealed RACOM do indeed have an understanding of the needs of operators in this industry and in particular, the specific requirements of networks of varying size and purpose. Customers are very satisfied with the parameters of RAy2; it was described as a ‘very well defined radio’.

Positive comments from customers also highlighted:

  • Reliability
  • Simplicity of the hardware and management
  • High levels of technical support
  • Compactness and ergonomic design of the unit casing

Whilst grateful for the positive feedback, we fully accept future needs will be different and are glad of input received from our customers to help take another step toward refining the properties of future generations of our products.

In our modern world, where we have so many forms of electronic communications available to us, events such as these confirm the benefits of face to face contact for positive and creative discussions.

Thank you to all our customers and distributors for taking the time and effort to join the event. It was great to be part of these open and frank discussions and it is hoped RACOM can host more of these types of event in the future.

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