RAy3 18 GHz

RAy3-18 GHz

RACOM is pleased to announce the release of a new model addition to the RAy3 microwave link platform. After successful sale and installations of thousands of links for 24 and 17 GHz we are now introducing 18 GHz, the first licensed band.

RAy3-18 is suitable for long distances even in the harshest conditions. Featuring a robust 4096 QAM implementation with optimal FEC, channel widths up to 110 MHz, +23 dBm power and exceptional gain and interference immunity. It can build 1 Gb/s high availability links up to 20 km using 60 cm antennas. In addition, the operation of the link is guaranteed by a license from the local spectrum regulator.

Low power consumption (33W at full power) and DC power option allows RAy3-18 to operate with solar panels.

In the picture you can see the performance of the link during a heavy thunderstorm. The test link is installed close to our HQ while the distance is 17.3 km, RF power is +23 dBm, antennas are 60 cm and RSS is -45 dBm. The link was stable and has not broken down even when RSS dropped by 33 dB during the storm.

Full details can be found on the website.

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