RipEX calculator upgrade


One of RACOM’s flagship products is RipEX, a best-in-class radio modem renowned for overall data throughput.  Thanks to the intuitive web interface, anybody with basic IP knowledge is capable of starting up RipEX within a few minutes and can maintain the network quite easily.

To support users and our claims about how easy it is to design and maintain a RipEX network, RACOM produced a calculator to ensure the robustness of RipEX networks in any application, by choosing the most effective parameter options and calculating the efficiency of RipEX networks. The latest version includes the functionality to perform calculations in networks using our new Base Driven protocol.

Although the calculator can be used by anyone who operates a RipEX network, it is a particularly useful tool for network designers and operators.

Network Designers will find the following functionality particularly useful:

  • Calculating estimates of network throughput and latency
  • Average round trip times
  • The total polling cycle
  • Average message delivery time
  • Deciding which network topology is the most applicable
  • Testing digital network efficiency whilst planning a network migration from a legacy network using the RACOM Migration Solution

Within networks that are already commissioned, Network Operators can use the above functionality to support resilient operation of their network and diagnose faulty or low network throughput

Although the RipEX calculator is an invaluable support mechanism for network designers and operators, we still have our professional Support team on hand to provide additional levels of support as and when required.

Every RACOM product supports remote management via an IP network, e.g. Internet or GSM. If and when necessary, RACOM specialists can assist with a specific issue, wherever on the globe you and your device happen to be.

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