UTCAL 2017


Early April and back on the road, in what has been a busy first quarter for our Sales managers; this time to attend UTCAL in Brazil. Always a busy and informative event, this year was no exception with the summit being hosted in Salvador, Bahia, the oldest city in Brazil situated in the North East of the country. Salvador was in fact, Brazil’s capital before Brazilia was planned and built for the purpose.

Over 400 delegates from the utilities sector converged on the summit from all parts of Latin America to discuss market issues and in particular spectrum requirements, new business models, the impact of Big Data on our telecommunications networks, smart grid requirements, cybersecurity and infrastructure issues.

It is from taking a central role in these types of discussion that RACOM can secure a robust understanding of market requirements now and in the future and gain the necessary feedback to ensure our product lines continue to innovate and set trends in their markets. Interestingly, feedback from many of the utilities we talked with, confirm that the demands being placed on them in South and Central America are the same as those we hear from utility companies in other parts of the world; more comprehensive levels of engagement with customers, addressing cyber security issues and providing solutions to manage renewable energy sources.

RACOM look forward to providing continued levels of innovation and support to the Latin American market and come away from this summit, secure in the knowledge, that our current and future product lines will provide solutions to the issues currently being addressed by our markets, whether that be in migrating legacy networks to meet current demands or in designing and commissioning new networks to cater for future demands within the industry.

And finally, obrigado [thank you] to UTCAL, for again hosting an excellent summit. See you next year!

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